4 Easy recipes for quick appetizers!

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Tasty Food is the main priority which none of us can resist. We have a very vast array of food we enjoy eating. One special liberty which food offers is that we can cook it in any style and way possible we want. But most of them takes time to cook. But the versatile personality of eatery is that it can even be cooked in few minutes and such foods are known as appetizers. They are perfect solution for your instant hunger! Below are four easy recipes for quick appetizers.

These four easy recipes for quick appetizers are a perfect bliss to your taste buds.

Chicken sliders:

Chicken sliders are what we all crave for. They are hot cheesy piece topped with bread buns. But the more tasty it is, the easier it is to cook! 

Take bread buns and cut them from between. Remove the upper top for filling. Take half cooked chicken pieces add cheese, hot sauce, mayonnaise, mozzarella to it according to your taste, put the top bread and bake for 25 minutes. Cut and serve with green chili sauce. Your cheesy chicken sliders are ready. (If you don’t have a hot sauce just use red chutney and it’ll serve the same purpose). You can add salt and other spices according to your preference.

chicken sliders,indianness

Spicy cauliflower:

Spicy cauliflowers are something which are unique in its taste and style. They are spicy saucy yet hard and stiff. One cannot ever turn his eyes away from it, from its mouthwatering taste to soothing smell- it is something heavenly.

Take half cup of flour, half cup milk, one table spoon baking powder and one table spoon garlic powder- mix well. Now mix the already cut cauliflowers with it. Heat oil and deep fry the mixed cauliflower pieces. Take another pan and heat oil, add garlic, half cup soya sauce, quarter cup rice vinegar, one table spoon sugar, spiracha (can use hot sauce or red chutney as a substitute), mix well and add one table spoon cornstarch slurry and cook for few more minutes. Now add the fried cauliflowers in it. Wow! Your hotel style spicy cauliflower is ready to be served.

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Cauliflower Fried rice

Fried rice is my personal favourite mostly because it offers a wide range of styles it can be cooked in and possibly in every taste possible. From home cooked to restaurant served- fried rice is something so desi yet so firangi!

Take one cauliflower and grind it in the grinder. Heat oil and add cooked chicken, 2 cups peas and carrots, 2 cups soya sauce, 2 table spoon pepper, mix well and cook for few minutes. Now add grind cauliflower and again cook for few minutes more. Add salt and other spices according to your preference. Add 3 eggs and mix well with the platter and cook for two minute more. Your cauliflower fried rice is ready and is best served with red chutney!   

cauliflower fried rice recipe,indianness

Veggie fried rice:

As it is so versatile to be cooked, there is again a quick way to make a healthy yet tasty fried rice. This type is especially good for the health cautious people and they too can enjoy it to the maximum. so all the gym freaks out there, what are you waiting for?

Heat oil add half cup carrots, one table spoon garlic, half cup onions, half cup bell pepper, half cup broccoli and cook. When the mixture becomes pinkish add 3 eggs to it, mix and cook well. Now add 3 cups of cooked rice, 3 table spoon soya sauce, and 3 table spoon sesame seeds and cook again for few minutes. Your veggie healthy fried rice are ready, they are best served with chutney and pickle.

veggie fried rice recipe,indianness

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