5 affordable markets in Delhi that you must check it out!


Adorning a bridal look? Want to look the best at your best friend wedding? Rock a party? Or want to chill watching Netflix? Be it anything, these five super affordable markets in Delhi are perfect shopping heaven for all the girls out there. From traditional to sporting western- one can find almost everything at getaway prices! So what are you waiting for? Prepare your bucket list now!

Lajpat Nagar- Central Market:

Lajpat Nagar famous for its Central Market is a popular shopping destination in the capital, and is also known for being the hub of garments and textiles sales. The market is repetitive for what’s being in retail and there’s barely any difference in the price and the quality- so one must know exactly where to locate perfect nook. Well it’s no rocket science, all you can do is find the fabric shops which sells perfect cloth piece for your dream DIY. Plus if you are ready to go type of person, then you can also find kurta’s, top and footwear at exteremely cheap price. The accessories out there are also super affordable. And apart from being the shopping heart, here one cannot miss out the chance eating Dolma aunty’s momos! These momos are definitely worth a try.

When to visit? Well, the market is open 6 days a week and closed only on Mondays. But there are few local shops which keep it open throughout the week. So plan your visit accordingly.

Sarojni Nagar:

There is probably no girl in Delhi who isn’t aware of Sarojni Nagar! This place is purely heaven in terms of rates. If you want to find the trendiest outfits at throw away price- then definitely this is your holy grail! From the very starting of the market you can see the local vendors every next step selling clothes worth your glance. Whether be it cozy summer outfits to warm winter jackets- you cannot miss what this place offers. Apart from this Sarojni offers another niche- bargaining. Whatever, clearly whatever you want to buy you can definitely bargain it at your rate and much to your surprise- you’ll get’ them! The place attracts thousand visitors everyday buying stuff at affordable rates as low as rupee 10! One thing that makes this market stand out is that- even a 100 rupee top if wore perfectly will look like a thousand rupee stuff! So grab your things now!


When to visit? You can visit Sarojni every day. The market is especially crowded in Sunday’s and due to huge sell on weekend, the place doesn’t have much to offer on Monday. But from Tuesday onwards- it starts again.   

Janpath Market:

Janpath market opposite Connaught Place is a great place for latest trend shopping. In terms of budget or bargain- this place is worth your visit. Janpath is heaven for the all the bo-ho lovers. The quirky accessories with flaunting Indian fashion wear makes this market exceptional. Here you can find latest style Kurta’s at local vendors. If you want to look rich at minimum price- rush here now! Not only traditionally, the market also offer bunch of cool t-shirts, jeans and footwear. The vendors here are not so good craftsmen but are well at selling, so never go overboard at bargaining! Janpath sells merchandise such as incense, Tibetan and boho jewellery and souvenirs, silver and artificial jewelries, Pashmina shawls, Lucknowi chikankari garments, fancy boxes, footwear, bags, cotton apparels and many more.

When to visit? The market is open from 11 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week. But since the market is situated on street, then avoid shopping at dark because it will let you miss the right stuff. Also if you are planning to visit during winters then 2-4 sunny hours is nice for you.   

Chandni Chowk:

Chandni chowk doesn’t need any introduction. Even if you are new to Delhi, you must be aware of Chandi Chowk and this makes this place an exception. The serpentine lanes of Chandni Chowk can be overwhelming to a first-timer. Okay so if talking about the market, it cannot be categorized as women wear, men’s wear, household décor or books to gadgets! The market has everything to offer! But one thing which you can find the best is bridal wear. This place is actually a hub for you if you are planning to get married. The stunning bridal dresses here can even make the bachelors soon hitched. Close to Paranthe wali gali is Dariba Kalan- where you can find the best silver accessories. And priced much more affordably than you’d normally find in other market in the town. The place also has traditional perfumes to offer, especially what we know as Ittars. Historically, The Katra Neel here is the best place to find fabrics both- designer as well as casual. The market is also famous for camera sale and pre used books.


When to visit? Chandni chowk is open from 11 AM to 7 PM, seven days a week. But probably the best time to visit here is in sunny hours because the lanes are so congested that there is huge possibility of one getting lost. If you are a first timer- try coming along with a known person or avoid going deep inside the lanes.  

Sadar Bazaar:

Sadar bazar is the thok market of the town. Sadar Bazaar also known as Sadr Bazaar is one of the largest wholesale market of household items in Delhi. Be it the exact replica of your favorite Sabyasachi Lehenga to spices, books, electronics, medicine, jewelry etc one can find everything here. The Sadar Bazaar is actually amalgam of 6 markets in the heart of old Delhi. Swadeshi market, Khari Baoli, Bhagirath Palace, Daryaganj, Nai Sadak and Chawri Bazaar. The centuries old market needs an experience to shop well! As the super crowded lanes and continuous vehicle honking, it becomes a tarzan job to get to your favorite nook!

When to visit? These markets are open full week and timings are 11 am to 8 pm. Many vendors choose to open till late so the actual timing is not set.        


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