5 Powerful thoughts by Krishna that Will Change your life


Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu represents love, wisdom, and intellect. He is the perfect epitome of power, intelligence, patience and care. The teachings by lord Krishna has the ability to cure your problems forever. And this is not just a religious thought nor we are talking about magic and wonders, here we are talking about the thoughts or what we say mantras of life that can help you say goodbye to all your issues forever. His teachings help us learn why challenges and struggles shape the ultimate meaning of life. Here are five teachings by lord Krishna that you can acquire to get answers to all your dreaded questions.

Five Thoughts by Krishna

“Develop the right attitude towards your job and even the most mundane work becomes a source of joy.”

In his this quote, Krishna tries to tell us about the importance of work. If we talk about the 21st century, most of our time is consumed in offices or workspaces, and thus are subjected to day to day tensions, financial issues, business clashes and a lot of other things that comes along. Krishna says that when we start loving what we are doing we can finally understand why work is important. Not do we only understand the importance of work but also starts seeking joy in it and when this happens a lot of ‘impossible’ starts becoming ‘possible’. Having a right attitude towards work is an extremely crucial step in order to sustain your complete welfare.

“There are three gates to self- destructive hell: Lust, anger and greed.”

Now this quote definitely doesn’t need any explanation as it in itself, is the reality of this generation. Lust, anger and greed shapes the basis of relationships and life. In lust, you dwell about the same thing every time and that bound your thoughts shifting focus from the primary objective of life. And basically what happens at the end is that your lust soon over occupies your consciousness, forcing you to do anything to satisfy that lust. Wrong things will open up the gates of hell. Greed steals the ability of mind to think farsighted. As we all know “Lalach ek Buri Bala hai”, greed works towards making your life unsatisfactory by each step you take forward. It is often said that greed blinds people, it blocks your ability to identify good and bad. And if we talk about anger, we would say it’s just one part of life. The problem is with our reactions and actions that we take during the heat of the moment, and we are not talking about the little bit of it, anger sometimes gives fatal results- ‘results that are non-reversible’.


“Set your heart upon your work but never its reward.”

Doing hard work without any outcome? That sounds absurd isn’t it? Well, not really, because when we do hard work, outcome is the surety, only the nature of it varies. Sometimes we get good outcomes that obviously comes with rewards but many times we also get bad outcomes that definitely doesn’t shape your identity. It might be demotivating if we get undesired results but again it’s just a part of life. According to Krishna, when we start putting our work forward from rewards, we can finally find peace and solace in negative outcomes. Rewards are just the cherry on cake, the actual cake is your work that no matter what- you need to cherish. Its only when we start satisfying ourselves in unsatisfying, we get the ability to see the life beyond the beauty of materialistic world.   

“It’s better to perform your duties yourself than mastering the duties of others.”

No doubt that with greater responsibilities comes larger benefits. But there’s always a probability of possible detriments. It’s always better to master your own talent or your own duties than running after multi-tasking. Sometimes mastering the duties of others makes us forget the duties essential for us. First prove that you are worth it for the delegate key tasks to you and then go for mastering the additional duties that comes along. It makes it easier for you to seek required resources if you focus on one thing at a time.

“Fear not. What is not real, never was and never will be; what is real, always was and cannot be destroyed.”

This quote by Lord Krishna is bit tricky, as it explains about the two dimensions of the world- the materialistic and the aesthetic. In the materialistic world there are lot of things that seems real but in actuality aren’t. Things like fear, agitation, anxiety and consternation drills a deep hole in our motivation, hope and ambitions. These things are not real but the daily negativity makes us believe that they exist. Its only when we start looking beyond the wall created by negativity, we finally understand that there existence is a mere shadow and that it was never real. However when we talk about things such as love, care and dreams, we learn a lot about life. These emotions are real, and there existence seems alive when we start portraying them. Once you love someone, you always love them, may be for a time being you can get blinded by unrealistic things like hatred but at some point of life it goes away, but the love you have always stays. This is the difference, what is real- stays, what is not- goes away!


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