A scientist who left a lucrative job to serve the country


Drudging in the fields of Tamil Nadu’s Pennagaram town, Dr Hari Nath Kasiganesan is a strong promoter of organic farming and traditional agribusiness. What makes his story remarkable is the way that the US-based drug analyst quit a lucrative job to return to his underlying roots.

Hari, who was with the Defense Research and Development Organization before he moved to the US for further development in his research in the Medical University of Carolina. Hari worked with Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and says the previous President was his motivation. As he was born in a farm family his roots were always attached with the lands, Hari was raised by his mom after his dad died when he was in his young age.

It was in 2005 when he was filling in as a scientist in DRDO, that Dr Hari Nath got a chance to pursue his post-doctoral research at the Medical University of Carolina, USA. As an administration employee, he needed to take authorization from the higher authorities to concede him the leave. This is the point where the first defining moment jumped out at him as an exceptional note by the then Indian President, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Reviewing Dr Kalam’s letter to him, whom he was familiar with, since the previous’ days as the President of DRDO, Dr Hari Nath says, “Kalam sir granted me leave for two years, but he asked me to promise that I would come back and serve my country.”

Hari sought his maters from Chennai before becoming a lecturer in CMC Vellore. In 1993, he joined DRDO as a senior research individual in the Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences.

Incident That turned his life:

Dr Hari’s love towards agriculture and farming wasn’t something that grew unexpectedly. This love came from his ground roots and family background as he spent his entire adolescence in the surrounding of agriculture. His dad’s demise at an exceptionally young age constrained her mom to take on the reins and deal with the family. While he was in the US working in the corporate segment, his mom was found with the advanced stage of Spondylitis and Arthritis. In spite of the modern medication, her condition turned out to be more terrible because of reactions of the painkillers.

Her condition was deteriorating step by step. I was in the centre therapeutic field myself, it tormented me to see that I am neglecting to deal with my own mom,” said Dr Hari Nath. The bombing impact of synthetic compounds drove him to attempt traditional methods for prescription during which he came across the medical benefits of drumstick leaves. “Upon my recommendation, my mom started drinking lukewarm Moringa juice each morning. She was totally restored in a matter of time,” he said. It occurred to him that the drugs he went to search for in other nations were all the more effectively accessible all alone.

Promoting Organic Farming In His Village 

Dr Hari moved back to India in 2015 in the wake of finishing his extensive research in #organicfarming. He purchased a plot of land and began developing compound free ranch items. Understanding that the ordinary citizens living in his town experience the ill effects of joint inflammation, diabetes, and frailty like diseases, he produced Moringa shot, a concoction of moringa removes that remembered numerous patients of their manifestations. “A bundle of urea says 45% urea, do you know what the rest

55% is? Only synthetic fillers that totally delete the dirt microbial populace. At the point when we eat the yields developed in such soil, we are getting healthfully lacking. The shops sell more magnificent and bright half and half vegetables by marking them as ‘ranch new’. In any case, no one comprehends the measure of poison entering their body when the person in question eat these,” says Dr Hari Nath.

He isn’t just known to utilize his insight to advance the significance of organic farming yet, also is using his insight into medication to support neighbourhood individuals. The choice he made years prior to give back in India has now become a motivation for others to serve their very own nation.


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