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Age 80 and Idli at 1- this Dadi is setting an all new trend!

Okay, women doing something totally out of the box is not a new trend in India, and there’s nothing astonishing about this. Women from around the country are doing wonders in every field possible. But if we were to tell you about an 80 years old Dadi, who is doing chores no less than your male counterparts, would you still ignore it? The spirit of this Dadi is no less than a style statement who clearly defines that age is no barrier when it comes to responsibility.       

Kamalathal from Vadivelampalayam, Coimbatore, sells idli only at re. 1. For her cooking is not a responsibility or anything else, the reason she sells idli at only re.1 is because of pure love. Each morning she wakes up at 5, does her household chores and then set up her “chulha” (cook stove) and cooks at least 1000 idli’s daily for the labours working in her neighborhood. She starts preparing the batter from almost 8 kilogram of rice and cook it in her traditional idli vessel. She opens her stall at 6 in the morning and the customer’s starts coming in from around 7 am. The idli is served with sambhar full of vegetables and spicy chutney made up of homemade spices. The chutney changes every day thus giving customer’s variety of taste daily. She believes that those people work all day to feed their family and it’s her responsibility to feed them at the minimum rate possible. According to Kamalathal, labours should eat good food but also needs to save money for their end needs, and all the nearby stalls sells two idli’s for either rs.10 or 20 which is obviously expensive. Thus, she sells homemade idli at minimum rate possible so that all the labours can feed them full without thinking much about their pockets. Astonishingly, he price haven’t changed from last 15 years. When asked why she haven’t changed the rates.

“This is all for punniyam [moral or religious merit]. Some prefer to eat for Rs 10 and some prefer to eat for Rs.25. Let them eat”, reports The Hindu.

She started cooking idli’s from 30 years before. She says that she belongs to a farmer’s family thus all her family members used to go to fields early in the morning. To end her boredom she started cooking idli’s and when she saw labours working nearby motivated her to sell her idli’s to them. Having grown up in a household where they used the traditional stone grinder to make batter and masalas, Kamalathal decided to continue the same when she started the business. She does not use any wet grinder and prepare all the materials on her own. By selling idli’s she makes profit of rs.200 daily which is not a profitable margin. Recently, she added uzhunthu bonda in her breakfast menu as recommended by her customers. It is priced at Rs 2.50 each.

kamalathal,idli wali dadi,Granny who sells idli at Rs.1,india,indianness

Recently, her video got viral and gained popularity when Anand Mahindra mentioned her in one of her tweet and said he would love to invest in the business like her. Soon she became an overnight sensation and LPG gas stove was offered to her by the Bharath Gas. And then comes help flooding on her from all over the nation. Companies like Hindustan Petroleum and Thyrocare Technologies and more began lining up outside her house to help her to run her eatery.

People who defy all the norms for a social cause are the ones giving the right and probably most appropriate definition of Indianness. So now when there is so many help at her doorstep we can only hope that her business blooms up in an all new energy.

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