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All You Wanna Know About Komal Pandey

With 655k followers on Instagram and insane reach. Of course Komal Pandey has it all if we talk about the Social media sweethearts today. Komal is a youtuber, video content producer and does a lot of experiments with latest and even the oldest trends. She’s a gifted fashionista. There’s barely a human in New Delhi who doesn’t know her. Plus if we talk about South Delhi up townies, you can call this girl an inspiration.


Komal’s journey wasn’t easy though. She used to be a fat and geeky girl back in school. To your surprise komal loved mathematics. That’s something very unconventional. She was constantly criticized for the extra weight she carried. To this the very strong willed Komal had an answer. She started putting effort on her body and lost a lot of pounds. With this she surprised everyone including the aunties who constantly criticized her and turned out hotter and better.



Later, on joining college she felt there’s a spark in her head when it comes to fashion. She started her YouTube channel when she was in her second year of graduation and that’s exactly when she uploaded her very first video on her YouTube channel. She started to experiment more with the styles and couture she already owned. This made her hit a number of subscribers on YouTube and her on going chic photo shoots starting going smooth.


Later, she joined PopXo (owned by Priyanka Gill) in Hauz Khas and started getting featured in their videos. Videos by PopXo have always been successful in creating a buzz amongst the viewers since the very beginning. That’s exactly what made Komal even more popular. The best thing about those videos was the genre they picked and Komal along with her ex best friend Cherry Jain rocked it like a pro. The topics included rifts between siblings, stuff sisters do together, how an Aquarian reacts to certain situations and much more quirky stuff. After giving a lot of dedicated time to PopXo, Komal realised that it was the right time for her to pay more attention to her own chores and social media image. Komal ran back to her own name and left PopXo and with time hers and Cherry’s friendship faded.


After spending a lot of time and pouring limitless effort on her YouTube channel, things started going back on track. In one of her videos Komal is found talking about her toxic relationship and how it ended. She even stated that it devastated her. She told her viewers that she witnessed the worst heartbreak of her entire life and for days she didn’t go out and didn’t turn to her friends and family. Still Komal turned back to living a good life so beautifully, that no one can ignore. She’s found doing a lot of activities on her YouTube channel, like chit chat sessions, answering the questions her fans ask her and even experimenting with Fashion. She is very religious when it comes to her channel. If you want perfect makeup! Run to Komal’s channel, want perfectly draped saree? Run to Komal’s channel. Wanna look perfect for a dinner date? Ask Komal.


She even created videos like How to create an outfit (only using basics), I wore too many bright colors, look amazing in jeans and t-shirt, basic summer makeup etc. All the content she’s giving out for her audience is helping her reach the greatest of lengths. It all paved her way for immense popularity and fetched her fan following.

In March 2019, Komal Pandey was nominated for Cosmopolitan Blogger awards in various categories. On the main event, she won in two categories – Popular Choice Best Fashion Blogger and Popular Choice Best Beauty Vlogger. This took Komal’s YouTube game to another level.

With course of time Komal is reaching a new Milestone of success every day and will keep on doing it if she keeps her spirits high. With Komal’s journey it’s pretty clear that nothing is impossible, from being a girl next door to a YouTube sensation, she has proved that dreams do come true.


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