An Artist Who Created a Coronavirus Theme Based Autorickshaw


Coronavirus is a significant time threat on humanity, in the history of India, it has been first seen that the nation has faced more than a months’ lockdown since March 24th. Prior in March, days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the declaration, a police officer in Chennai was spotted wearing a head protector that looked like the notorious infection to bring issues to light about carefully following lockdown orders.

While if we see that the numbers have increased a little in comparison to past days, the graphs say that 1,840,263 Active patients are Currently Infected ones and nearly 1,781,960 (97%) Patients are found in Mild Condition, and about 58,303 (3%) are found in Serious or Critical condition. It is sad to see how humanity is dealing with such a crisis, human life is struggling to survive.

Though the best part is that we have seen some real superheroes in the uniform of Doctors, Nurses and Policemen. Also, there are hopes high as still the government is attempting its best to contain the spread of the dangerous contamination, it is warming to see residents drawing out their creative sides to help bring issues to light about the lockdown and preventive measure to take on the worldwide conflict.

An artist here has changed an auto-rickshaw on the topic of COVID-19 to spread mindfulness about the infection.

“”The thought behind this artist here has changed an auto-rickshaw on the topic of COVID-19 to spread mindfulness about the virus is to make mindfulness among individuals who don’t’ wear veils. Individuals should pay fine on the off chance that they won’t wear headscarves,”” the craftsman said.

As mentioned by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Tamil Nadu has 1,629 COVID-19 cases, including 662 restored/released/moved and 18 passings.

Regardless of the requirement of several service providers across the country lockdown, mindfulness about social distancing and sound practices is spreading much slower than the infection, which has prompted much thinking of thoughts to bring issues to light.

One such thought is from Chennai, where a craftsman has altered an auto-rickshaw in the subject of COVID-19, in an offer to make individuals mindful of the dangers of going out during the lockdown.

The auto is set to meander around the city in an offer to advise individuals to remain inside and use veils when outside. The automobile has been made by reused plastic jugs.

We all should get inspired by this artist and use the lockdown and enhance our skills to help the nation grow and support. The Indianness request you all to stay home and stay safe and keep reading unique stories with us.


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