AC Helmet

Bengaluru Bike Enthusiast Designs An AC Helmet To Beat The Heat!

Love riding your bicycle yet discover the perspiring and suffocation the helmet a bummer? Bengaluru-based Sandeep Dahiya, who has claimed a Harley Davidson for 10 years at this point, had similar concerns. On the off chance that you are one of those individuals who loathes wearing a protective cap since it’s excessively hot, sweat-soaked and awkward then a Bangalore man has concocted a Helmet with an AC joined to it!

The obligatory AC Helmet rule sends tempers taking off as most rides contend it very well may be choking on a bright day.

With the insane traffic fines set up, drivers are compelled to wear a protective cap (as they should!) yet we absolutely see how awkward it tends to be on a hot, bright day, all the more so whenever trapped in rush hour gridlock. Sandeep Dahiya, a biking lover from Bangalore has created a cap that has cooling and took very nearly four years to build up the item completely and calls it ‘Vatanukul’, a cool name we think!

How this AC helmet functions

When the equipment is retrofitted into a helmet, and the cooling instrument is enacted, the temperature inside the cap can be 12 degrees lower than the outside temperature.

The funnels and wiring inside the protective cap are appended to an outer gadget that draws 12 volts of current from the bicycle battery when connected. This ‘forced-air system’ takes a shot at strong state cooling, that is, not at all like in traditional coolers, it doesn’t have a blower and doesn’t require any water. It just has thermoelectric parts.

While the cooler arrives in a little rucksack that can be worn on the back, when the gadget is turned on, and the cooling mode is turned on, it sends cool air into the cap. There is a warming mode also.

Vatanukul doesn’t require an outside force source and chips away at DC power (12 volts) provided by the bicycle. It weighs not more than 1.7 kg though the protective caps in the market start from 800 gm to 2 kg. It accompanies two parts, first is a cylinder for air course inside the helmet and the second must be worn as a knapsack and comprises of converse thermocouple, heat exchanger, control, and blower unit. Sandeep has just been utilizing the gadget when going among home and work. We trust the item is accessible monetarily soon to support riders!

AC Helmet

Get the AC helmets customized

Sandeep and his better half run an organization called AeeDEA, where he sells the extras he assembled (counting flexible silencer and a windshield with modifiable stature), in light of interest. They don’t have quite a bit of a stock, and it’s all the more a purposeful venture than everything else, Sandeep says.

Concerning the helmet, for which he has just applied for a patent, Sandeep plans to do a delicate dispatch at the forthcoming eighth Southern HOG (Harley Owners Group) Ride that is going on in Hyderabad on September 20. “There were eight past renditions of this, and this is the one I need my companions to try out”.

Intrigued individuals would need to send AeeDEA their caps to append the equipment. Joining a link to the battery of the bicycle, for the helmet’s

Later on, Sandeep plans to make different variations, as well. “A similar cooling gadget can be utilized for coats also. In the future, we will dispatch that, and a helmet that can give a shower of cool air on the face when the visor is closed. We’re additionally arranging a form that can be utilized by the rider and the pillion both, which will be controlled by a sun based unit.”

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