Blu Smart Mobility helping Delhi get rid of pollution!

Blu Smart Mobility

New Delhi has an alarming rate of pollution with tons of factories, vehicles and houses doing their bit in the menace. Every day we wake up to inhale numerous microns of polluted air bringing the heck out of our lungs and inviting a range of chronic diseases. Okay, Delhi don’t only have pollution issue, if you wake up your morning with noise pollution of horns, honking and slangs- welcome to the capital. Traffic is at its worst in the city which is probably not a good deal for people looking forward to their millennial goals. Cabs, taxis and autos waving a NO to you is their sign of hospitality and nothing can beat the morning road blocks. Amidst the middle of this chaos, if you wish to drive to work emitting less pollution as possible and reducing on-road vehicle traffic, then ladies and gentlemen, Blu Smart Mobility is at your service! What they has to offer and how they are contributing their share towards a better city, read till the end!

Blu Smart Mobility- your new morning solution

Blu Smart Mobility is a new cab service startup by Punit Goyal, Anmol Jaggi and Puneet Jaggi launched in 2019. They offer electric cars rides to the customers at the cheapest rate possible. Within their one year journey, the company till now has managed to get 1,25,000 all-electric rides and covered 2.5 million kilometers of distance. They have yet now, had 366 cars in Delhi NCR and Mumbai, and claims to have 1000 plus electric rides a day! Which is a huge number for a just started company.

“In India, we know that pollution has become a cause of concern. The solution to this could be ride-sharing platforms, and electric mobility seemed like the best option to contain the problem,” said Puneet Goyal.

Blu Smart Mobility

When the group decided to launch Blu Smart Mobility, they launched it in the partnership with Uber in July 2019 with just 70 cars in service. Through their partnership they wished the customers cost effective rides and better mobility experience. The partnership proved to be a good deal to them as they were getting 1000 rides per day. The company launched their app much later in 5th December 2019. Since their application is launched, they has almost 16000 downloads so far. Their aim is to bring electric rides to mainstream. Some of the convenient features, Blu Smart Mobility offers are no surge pricing, no cancellation hassle, option to schedule your ride and comparatively much cheaper rides with flat rate of Rs. 14-15 per kilometer! The company as of now are using electric cars at lease created by TATA and Mahindra. Their services are available in several cities including Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Mumbai.

About the Blu Smart Mobility owners?

Punit Goyal is an alumnus from London school of Economics and has a keen interest in entrepreneurship. He has also started PLG Clean Energy, an independent Renewable Energy Power Producer. Whereas Anmol Jaggi on the other hand is an engineer who just happened to complete his BTech from the University of Petroleum and Energy studies. As for Anmol’s brother, Puneet Jaggi, has a BTech in Chemical Engineering from IIT-Roorkee. The brother duo had created the Gensol group, a firm working in the space of renewable design, back in 2007. All of them had one thing in common and that was their vision. Through their own experiences they created Blu Smart Mobility under Gensol Mobility Private Limited. Since the launch, the company has gained quite a remarkable response with even one of the most famous actress, Deepika Padukone, who had invested around USD 3 million from her KA Enterprise in the firm keeping women’s safety in mind.  

Blu Smart Mobility is Asia’s third and India’s first electric car ride platform! The rides can be booked by both IOS and Android users. They wish to create a market for electric cars so that alarming pollution in the country can be cut down and also focus on women safety especially which is after all a need of an hour! Their journey has just started and they wish to complete almost 2000 plus rides a day by the end of March 2020 and want around 50,000 marks and 850+ cars in their current fleet! Cheers to this new startup and we look forward to their achievements.      


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