Celebrating Deepti Nair #WomenOfChange

Deepti Nair

We all have stories to tell, we all have experiences to learn and we have sorrows to share. Life is a strange thing, it can give you the moment of satisfaction at the same time you got your mental breakdown. It has power to hurt but most importantly it has courage to heal. The recipe of life is indeed dashed with ingredients of love, hate, sufferings, sacrifices and satisfaction to give out stories of extraordinary recipes. And women of India are the pure product of such recipes. The tale of women in India is beautifully laced with oblations for love and commitment; it maybe your sister, mother, daughter, wife, friend or just an acquaintance. Forgetting about their needs these females work tirelessly for the happiness of the people around her. Under the tall bundle of such duties lies her ambitions, dreams and her sense of individuality causing her doom into her own fake laughter and smiles. These stories are forgotten or lost among the mayhem of responsibilities. And these are exactly the tales nations awaits to know! It is the time of us to support these ordinary lives with extraordinary stories hidden inside them. Dhara with its initiative #WomenOfChange brings out such spirited anecdotes for you and me to feel nothing but just inspired.

The tale of Deepti Nair   

Ms. Deepti Nair is just another woman of India responsible for loving a daughter, caring a mother and nurturing a company. Deepti Nair is a senior employee at the Mother Dairy Head Office, resembles any other woman around you. But what’s so fascinating about her story that made us write on her? It is Mohiniyattam, a dance form that distinguish her from the rest of the stories. A dancer was hidden inside her heart while she was flawlessly working for the dreams of her child. Mohiniyattam which was once her passion and childhood ambition now was nothing but an unfulfilled desire. But who said dreams need age? With Dhara initiative of #WomenOfChange, Deepti Nair once again flaunted her ghungroos and got into the nostalgia of childhood memories. At the age of 38, Ms. Nair is dancing her life out! As soon as she step on the stage with her anarkali dress rolling up and the floral tiara on her head, she left the audience amazed by her persona.

Deepti Nair

“I was 4 when I started dancing. Mohiniyattam the dance form and my guru nurtured the child in me… as life begins and gave me responsibilities I drifted away from my passion. But now I have heard my calling.” Said Ms. Deepti Nair.

She said it was her life calling and how couldn’t she answer. Today it has been almost 10 years and Ms. Deepti Nair stills rocks the stage every time she is up! She is now recognized as a professional Mohiniyattam dancer. She performs at stage with great passion and pride depicting her respect for the opportunity. We honour her courage from just being an inspiration for her daughter to becoming the art of brilliance for the rest. Dhara by #WomanOfChange is not just celebrating her story but hundreds stories of women of power and resilience.  

As we grow up and get entangled with the works and duties we have been instructed to perform, we slowly drifts away from what we really wants. Life gives us unexpected turns and leave us reshaping everything on our own. But it is these turns and circumstances that nurture us to become what we are today. We say life is unfair, well it is. But on the contrary, what else isn’t? Life is a mixture of tiny little stories which are hiding the most ravishing meaning inside it. It is the mixture of sorrows and sufferings, yet happiness and joy. Life is an extravagant experience of melodies and ecstasy. We run after changes but forget to notice what really needs to be changed. We try to change life as a whole, instead what we can do is start by changing the ending of one little story. And a lot can happen with just this small change. Each story is full of questions and these questions in themselves has their answers. Be astute enough to apprehend it! Because we believe we are the stories that we tell.    


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