Chandrayaan 2,indianness

Chandrayaan-2- India’s second mission Mayank!

India’s moon mission is on! It was India’s second lunar journey and the first one to spearheaded by two women- Ritu Karidhal and Muthaya Vanitha. On Monday, ISRO launched its second satellite for a journey towards moon which achieved an orbit 6,000 km more than what was targeted. The aim is to retreat the satellite in the South Pole area on the moon. The mission made India the fourth one after US, USSR and China to land on moon and the first to land on 600 km from the South Pole.

The mission is even more important because the South Pole holds water ice craters which can lead a great way for human exploration.

Chandraayan 2,indianness
 Chandrayaan 2

On 22nd July 2019, India launched its mission Chandrayaan 2 and achieved a perfect launch at 2.43 p.m. from the second launch pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. The scientists from worldwide, people from the newsrooms, students in schools and citizens at their home bit their nails as the launch took place making it seems like a world cup cricket match. Not only India, but the whole world made this news their headline including Pakistan. The news took another corner in Australia where citizens reported seeing an alien as the white light passed through the cloud- later knowing that it was India’s second mission Mayank! The satellite will have more life, more fuel and more time to play with the manoeuvres as the orbit is 6,000 km more than what was expected. India’s first mission- Chandrayaan, has an orbiter and an impactor which was slammed on the surface of the moon releasing water vapours which proved that the moon has water on it. The second mission is even more advanced as it has a lander (Paragyan) along with the orbiter (Vikram). Pragyan is designed to last for 1 lunar day which equates to 14 earth days. If the landing is successful then the lander will send out a rover which will roll over the surface and explore it, leaving a great deal of possibilities to know more about the chemical vapours and the other things which are necessary for the better moon understanding. Pragyaan and Vikram both have sensors connected to abroad as well. Pragyaan has a seismometer designed to examine moon-quakes, a function to measure the thermal properties of the surface, and instruments to examine the moon’s atmosphere, as well as a special mirror from NASA to precisely measure the distance between Earth and the moon. As in 2017, NASA was tasked by the Trump administration to return humans to the moon in the coming years- so the information is quite an essential one for them.

“The payloads will collect scientific information on lunar topography, mineralogy, elemental abundance, lunar exosphere and signatures of hydroxyl and water-ice,” ISRO said on its website.

Do you know? Chandrayaan-2 mission cost India Rs 978 crore whereas Avengers film was made at Rs 2,443 crore!

Chandrayaan-2 launch was initially scheduled for 14 July 2019 but due to some technical glitch the launch was postponed and took place on 22nd July. It was said that in some reports that the NASA and the European space agency also wanted to participate in the mission but the ISRO proceeded on its own. At the Chandrayaan 2 will circle the moon, roll over it- many unknown facts can be discovered and many secrets can be disclosed making the human research more impactful over knowing the possibility of life over moon.

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