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Chandro Tomar- “Revolver Dadi”

At the age when most of us become bed ridden or even weaker to get water by our own- Chandro Tomar is setting all new deal. Chandro Tomar an 82 years old women does all the household chores, looks after her whole family, feeds the cattle and is a pro at shooting! Yes, you read it right the Revolver Dadi takes up the gun like a cup of a tea and fires the shot in a way that would leave most of us nothing but just amazed. Not only this, but she also had encouraged several other women in the region to take up shooting and learn it. Today she is a proud Indian shooter.

“Revolver Dadi’- your inspiration dose!

Chandro Tomar also known as Shooter Dadi is a sharp shooter from the village of Johri in the Bagpat district in Uttar Pradesh. Tomar has eight children and 15 grandchildren. At the age of 65, which most of us doesn’t even make up to, was when she first started learning shooting in 1999. She is an illiterate but a fast learner who is a pro at shooting and also knows how to speak Basic English. Her first encounter with shooting is when her granddaughter, Shefali, was hesitant to go to a full boys Johri Rifle Club. It was then Chandro Tomar accompanied her granddaughter to the club so that she can learn shooting never knowing that she herself is soon going to learn it as well. For few days Dadi noticed how the children were practicing and how they would load the bullets. Once her granddaughter Shefali was having difficulty in loading her gun, this is exactly when Dadi helped her out and fired the first shot of her life which was much to everybody’s surprise a bull’s eye. Then the coach of the club, Dr. Farooq Pathan, encouraged her to learn shooting. At first she was afraid as her family would not be happy with this but with the coach assurance that no one will know about this, she agreed on.

“She has the ultimate skill, a steady hand and a sharp eye.”

says her coach.
Chandro tomar,revolver dadi,indianness

Once she and her granddaughter went for a competition. She was registered under the veteran category and both (granddaughter and her) won medals in their respective categories. Next day her photo was published in all the newspapers. She was scared and hid the newspaper not knowing that there are several copies printed. After her family found out about shooting, they were disappointed and stopped her from continuing. Interestingly this incidence only increased her determination to continue practicing shooting. She use to do all the household chores which includes washing dishes, clothing, feed and cattle care. After all this, late at night she also spares some time for practicing shooting. Today she has won more than 30 national championships. She won a gold medal at the Veteran Shooting Championship conducted in Chennai. And now her family supports her and even encourages her to take parts in the competitions. Her niece Seema, also a sharp shooter, was the first Indian woman to win a medal at the Rifle and Pistol World Cup in 2010. Her granddaughter, Shefali, achieved international shooter status and has taken part in international competitions. Her work also encouraged her sister in law Prakashi Tomar who now is also a professional shooter. Together Chandro and Prakashi are known as “The Tomar sisters”. Now many other women from the village has joined the club and are learning shooting.

Director Tushar Hiranandani is all set to make a biopic on the Tomar sisters starring Tapsee Pannu, Prakash Jha and Bhumi in lead roles. The movie was first named as Womaniya but due to some controversy it is again named as “Saand Ki Aankh”. It is expected to be released by 25 October in 2019.

Chandro tomar,revolver dadi,indianness,tapsee pannu,saand ki aankh,bhumi pednekar

The Revolver Dadi proved that age is just a number and passion doesn’t require a fit body but a determined heart and soul. She is the testimony to never being old do something you love. At the age of 82 she has is nothing less than an inspiration!

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