Changing Indian education system- these two men are turning the tables down

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When we talk about education, especially Indian education scenario- nothing great has been achieved yet. Today people doesn’t seek education for the heck of being educated but more to have a 6 figure salary. It is a tool to meet money needs and a sustained future. Even the kids today, don’t go to school to learn but to repeat and compete. That’s what education today is! Though we have 1.3 million schools in India as per the Ministry of Human Resource Development. So you can say that the overall schools in India crossed 1.5 M at present. But how many of them are providing quality education to the students is questionable? Especially when we talk about government schools, the conditions exceeds the healthy standards. Unavailability of teachers, unhygienic environment, careless ambience and free students- sadly, these are the only principle on which a government school work in India. And then we have a big void between the system and the students. But between this chaotic scenarios of Indian education, there stand some people who are turning the tables down. These are the people who selflessly are imparting wisdom to the needy ones. And their stories definitely needs India to talk about!

Kislay Sharma:  

kislay sharma,indian education system,shabaash india,india,indianness

A man from Bihar, has taken the responsibility of educating thousands for free. Kislay Sharma by his campaign “Jagriti” has been doing wonders. The campaign provides free education to the students of class tenth and twelfth, those who are preparing for their board examinations. Kislay Sharma has been teaching students since 2012 and by now has coached more than 1000 students. Kislay Sharma who completed his studies from Patna is a research scholar from Patna refused to be a mute spectator and do something to improve the situation. But despite having a dream job, he decided on to impart the knowledge he gained to the one who are in a desperate need of it. This wasn’t his own dream initially, it was his father’s dream which he bought life to and formed Jagriti campaign. It started in 2015, to which Sharma says-

“We collect fees only from those who can afford to pay. Other students coming from a poor background, which are about 50-60% of the full strength are exempted from paying the fees”.

The campaign mainly teaches Mathematics and Physics. He teaches mathematics whereas his father conducts the classes of Physics. Starting from just 40-50 students, the number has now increased to 150-200.

Vasudev Panchal:

vasudev panchal,indian education system,shabaash india,india,indianness

A peon by profession turned into a Sanskrit teacher brings a heck lot of inspiration and respect along with him. Sporting a tika on his forehead and a pony on his head, every morning he arrives at his school, where he sweeps and mops the floor first, then cleans the furniture, fills the water and once all the students arrive, he gets down to his next job- that is teaching Sanskrit. He is been taking classes on Sanskrit in school situated in Madhya Pradesh and has been doing so since past 23 years. The school lies 40km from the Indore district headquarters and due to this no teacher is willing to come so far. To fill this void, Vasudev has taken the responsibility on his shoulder to teach Sanskrit to almost 175 students daily. He takes two classes every day, and his students appreciate his lessons. Last year, the school recorded 100 percent high school results. And this year, the 53 years old Panchal has been selected for the Chief Minister’s Excellence Award.


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