Christmas celebrations in India!

“Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way…”

When we talk about Christmas, glittering lights, shinning Christmas tree and loads of gifts comes first in our mind, and that’s the beauty of Christmas! Yes! We all celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ a lot differently from the western culture and we celebrate it like a pro! Christmas is a feeling, not a season and people celebrate it with loads of lights and colours, giving and receiving, cakes and carols and what not. Though only 2.3% of Christians resides in India, the Christmas vibe is much larger as a large part of locals engage in the spirit of this festival. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from the Delhi to Bengal, the whole country gets together in this Christmas spirit celebrating joy in their own way. So let’s just witness the joy of our nation this Christmas and explore how the festival is celebrated in different region across the country.

Christmas celebration across India


Goa is the best place in India to celebrate Christmas. It’s a paradise for party freaks and a home to shinning glory of Christmas. Quite a number of Christians resides in Goa and that’s the major reason why city experience such magnificent celebrations. Whole city is adorned with vibrant vibes and poinsettia flowers and the masses sings Christmas carols all night long. The parties at Anjuna, Candolim and Mapusa Beaches continue till the morning making it just the perfect amalgamation of festive fun.


Daman and Diu:

The rich colonial influence of Christianity, Daman and Diu celebrate it with Portuguese touch! The place has a different charm during x-mas. Varieties of cultural shows are organized, enigmatic Corrindinho Portuguese dance id performed, whereas the stunning lamps brightening the night sky like a fairytale, and not the least implausible church service! Mind you, it is truly the best place to spend your Christmas.


Christmas is celebrated a lot differently in the state of Kerala, as it’s not like the modern way of shimmering lights and vibrant clothes. In fact the state gives a special touch of backwaters, coconut trees of course and a beautiful nature! Several churches in the state is decorated like an Indian brief and tourist from across the globe pay their visit during the time. The place also offers heavy discounts on hotels for welcoming tourists to be a part of the celebrations! Cochin Carnival which lasts till 10 days, together combine well with Christmas marking another traditional touch that won’t be found anywhere across India.


Mumbai the heart of India, a dream city of many do not slide back when it comes to Christmas celebrations! The diverse culture of Mumbai also embraces the festival to become a wonder. Hill Road, Bandra and Church Gate are famous destination to celebrate Christmas with enthusiasm and party fervor! The churches in the town organize night carols and a lot of people participate in it. Well, this was all about the shy introverts kinda people- but that’s not what exactly Mumbai is, right? There are tons of raging parties organized for the party freaks to chill out their festive mood like a boss!


Bangalore is a city of delicious cuisine and if you are big foodie than don’t resist coming here during Christmas! The wow celebrations with tons of delicious x-mas deserts, Bangalore surely is a place too good to go! Well systematically influenced by the British and French culture, these churches celebrate Christmas in a perfect foreign tradition. Not boasting, but with a fine Christian population, the city is a fine spot to celebrate!


The Seven Sisters:

Northeast has never failed to amaze us with its wide cultural diversities and a never ending festival vibe. The lurking winter mist, bright glittering mountains and tribal style celebrations, gives wings to Christmas. Whole place is adorned so beautiful that it feels like a big Indian wedding. Delicious meals are present at every corner of the street whereas the people are lost singing Christmas carols, northeast is surely amazing at whatever it does! It’s a perfect spot to chill, relax and celebrate.


Kolkata is a home for Christians and thus embraces Christmas. Street comes to life with lights and stars and decorations that just nail the Christmas mood. Perfectly lined pubs and bars are the real life to the celebration as they remain open all night long. Several churches organize mass carols and reverberating experiences. The Anglo-Indian community of the city celebrate in traditional style where one can witness true Christmas in a well-designed manner. Parties and tradition together spice up the city to rock its Christmas Celebration like no one else, Booze out your worries and just relax in Kolkata!



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