Coronavirus: Sikh center of New York preparing free meals!

sikh center of New york,coronavirus

Today the world is at standstill as a virus named Covid-19 left many of the nations paralyzed. A disease that has claimed thousands of lives worldwide has also left millions under lockdown. Be it America, Italy, France, Spain, South Korea, Iran or India, citizens are under severe lockdown. In India PM Modi has announced a self isolation of almost 21 days and nobody for sure knows if this number extends. While this lock down is extremely essential there also lies a different sphere where it is giving some serious back falls. This lockdown has left millions of people around the globe unfed. Millions of poor in India too are deprived of food. Videos from all over the world have been coming out since weeks that the grocery stores round the globe are empty. Even though the governments had launched several schemes for such people, many are still untouched.

Just as the world crumbled together into the corona crises, people are coming out helping each other and showing compassion and solidarity. One such group that has never failed to impress us is the sikh community. Whether in India or at a different shore of the globe, they have been a perfect epitome of superheroes when needed the most. The sikh center from New York has been preparing meals for free for the people experiencing history’s biggest quarantine.

Sikh center of New York prepares over 30,000 meal boxes for people under coronavirus lockdown.

More than 30,000 meal boxes were prepared and packaged with the aid of the Sikh Center of New York for people under coronavirus lockdown. New York’s Mayor approached the workspace of Sikh center. The programs had been handed out to numerous dispensing federal companies inside the area. All these meals are home cooked and prepared under strict food hygiene practices such as retaining social distancing and the usage of face masks and gloves had been determined whilst the meals was organized. A tremendous job done by Sikh center of New York.

sikh center of New york,coronavirus

“The ‘Sewa’ or service provided by the Sikh volunteers is a vegetarian meal comprising of dry fruits, rice, and lentils,” Himat Singh, coordinator of the American Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee of east coast, told ANI.

He also mentioned that all the 30,000 meal boxes were prepared on Sunday and were packed and delivered by the Monday morning. The local authorities of the city had the responsibility of doing delivery services. The people or the volunteers who prepared and packaged these food boxes had a medical check-up and have been approved by physicians and health authorities to do the job. These people seem to follow their saint’s words very keenly! According to Sikh Guru Sahib’s words, “service is of their lap whom God makes his servant. It is an extremely good carrier to place yourself inside the forefront to serve others while in need, regardless of your life in this difficult phase”.

“Once we heard people were having a problem with getting food supplies once they go shopping, they cannot find food within the shopping centre, then we began accomplishing out to people in our non-public capacity within the Bay Area (San Francisco),” said Dr Pritpal Singh, coordinator of the American Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee from west coast, to ANI.

The meal boxes prepared by the Sikh center were mainly distributed among the elderly, specially-abled, as well as homeless and all of those who were having trouble getting food from the supermarkets, as most of such shops lie empty. This service also includes all the single parents looking after their children and thus is unable to move out. While the Gurudwara finances are being raised, meals items which have been formerly donated to the Gurudwara are being used for the program. This relaxation services were also done for Indians coming from distant places or the students who are isolated for 14 days, however the service were provided to 99% of Americans. Sikh volunteers from the East, West Coast, and the Mid West of the US were geared with free food, a safe shelter at Gurudwaras and delivering essentials and medicines for the needy ones.

This was an incredible gesture of humanity by the sikh center of New York. While on one hand the world has bended against coronavirus, such people serve a ray of hope for all of us. Even in the tough times, showing compassion and solidarity is exceptionally beautiful. The team of The Indianness salutes such heroes who have been contributing selflessly for the betterment of others!   


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