Dadi Ki Rasoi


Dadi ki Rasoi, started by activist Anoop Khanna, has become a huge hit. The Rasoi in Noida sector 29 has gained immense popularity overnight. People from every class enjoy eating his food. The aim is to provide cheap and healthy food to needy at just Rs.5! The whole range of meal is prepared with desi ghee, and now you must be expecting it to be boring then let me tell you that he brings from fruits to sweets and everything with him.

When asked how he ensures hygienic food, they replied with, “we have installed 4 CCTV cameras where the meal is prepared, Khanna Ji personally monitors each clip.”

How the idea got working?

Anoop’s family started this venture 2 years ago when his mother was not able to eat as much of food as she used to maybe because of the old age, that’s when this idea struck him that why not give food to the needy in the name of his mother. Initially, they would prepare food for only 15-20 people, but now they feed up to 500 people a day. Today the venture is about two and a half years old. The meal is served each day and has a separate menu every day ranging from dal, rajma, chickpea, white pea and khichdi (especially on Sunday’s).

At first it was easy handling everything by himself and with the help of some acquaintances but as the customers increased he need helping hands, so he hired full time workers to help him. Since they were feeding only a few people, they used to buy their produce and raw materials from the local stores, but as the demand started increasing they had to look for a more affordable alternate. Now, they head to a wholesale market nearby for all the raw materials at relatively half rates and they have also hired a vegetable vendor that gives them vegetables at half the rate since they feed his family as well.

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Now he also serves clothes to the people at just RS. 10. “people from bungalows donate their clothes to us which is no longer of their need, we iron and repack them and then give it to the needy.”

When asked why doesn’t he offer free food to the poor’s, the man replied “we don’t want poor people to lose their self-respect. If they pay for what they eat they can easily ask for more and RS.5 is not a big amount thus everyone can afford it.”

We just hope good luck for his venture and hope many more come up with similar ideas so that other needier could be helped as well.


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