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When women safety is on the edge around the globe, thinking about smart solution for their safety becomes a necessity. A number of incidents happen daily which leave us ashamed and heartbroken. Whenever we pick our newspapers up, we see a number of cases related to molestation, acid attacks, rapes and what not. This brings the concern of awareness in front of us. We can not change the mentality and intentions of people, but we can take the responsibility of our safety in our own hands. With the same ambition, Aditi Chadha made an innovative and elegant piece of jewelry to help women ensure their safety and also help to relocate their lost items. A small IoT (Internet of Things) device was designed by DAZL, which allows women to send an SOS alert to one or two people at a time whenever they feel threatened. The alert can be sent just by simply pressing a button on the device for three seconds. This would notify the people contacted about the location of the user. These pieces of jewelry add class to the entire personality of a woman. They are designed, keeping in mind the demand of the contemporary world and the evolving fashion trends. Moreover, these articles are not a burden on us. If we look at the brighter side, they are our saviors.

“Women safety is a massive concern all over the world. A lot of women find themselves in compromised and unsafe situations. And, I am not okay with that,” says Aditi Chadha.

Followed by her passion for women safety, Aditi used up all her savings. She did it for the research and development for this smart device. When she could not hold herself back in the US,  Aditi decided to liquidate her savings in the US and return to Gurugram to launch DAZL in May 2015. The device looks like a Gemstone as well as a fashion jewelry, you can easily wear it wherever you go. You can either carry it as keychain in your handbag or purse or can keep it inside your pocket as well. DAZL raised funds in August 2016 from Vodafone and Zone Startups, and won the Vodafone Startup Award.

“Our vision is to build DAZL into the leading woman-centric IoT-enabled ecosystem, such that the DAZL app links to the wearable and facilitates connections to an ecosystem of partners serving a woman’s unique needs, including her safety, health and wellness”, says the founder.

One has to download the DAZL app (available in both Android and iOS versions), connect DAZL jewelry to the phone through Bluetooth, enter the phone numbers of those you wish to send your GPS location to. Pressing the button for three seconds sends your location and present condition to your listed contacts. While pressing the button for one second sends text to your dear ones, informing you have reached the destination safe. This device also helps in locating your lost items, be it your keys or mobile phones or anything else. This brilliant piece of tech-wear is actually a great help towards women safety. The best part is, no one would ever be able to make out what the utility of this piece is. People would look at it as jewelry, but they would never know the little secret.

This device also sends notifications for events, calls, dates and events which are urgent, according to the preferences of the user. It is also helpful in tracking health and wellness. Though, the wearable market of India is blooming with Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20.3 percent, likely to witness 213.6 million unit shipments in 2020. It is hard to predict how far the startup will go, all we can do is, wait and watch how DAZL will manage to outshine this blooming market.


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