Delhi’s first dark 3D studio- Shoot Villa

Delhi’s first dark 3D studio,shoot villa,india,indianness

It is said that a studio is an artist or worker’s workroom, where they practice and learn their art. It’s the most important place for anyone involved in artistic world. Similarly, a photographic studio is both a workspace and a corporate body where people work together to bring out the best output. Currently, Delhi, the heart of India, has the highest range of studios apart from Mumbai. And among all this chaos why Shoot Villa stands out is a big question! This article will bring out the merits of Delhi’s first Dark 3D studio.

Started through the dream of three men in 2018, Kamal Dewan, Pawneet Kapoor and Vaibhav Sehgal, Shoot Villa is Delhi NCR first dark 3D studio. In some ways, their heightened focus on the studio is an acknowledgment of the shifting tides in media.

It deals with all type shoots including pre- wedding, weddings, fashion photography, portfolios, Advertisement making- are just few in the list. They have quite an experience with wedding mainly but has a command over other genres as well. Apart from these, the studio is also associated with many celebrities from both Punjabi as well as Hindi entertainment industry and has done tons of celebrity shoots with personalities such as Nawab and Babbu Maan. They work as a photography team for celebrities shoots such as for their songs, print and fashion. One thing that makes the studio more authentic is its team member which have some of the most experienced and professional photographers, videographers, VFX designers and many more. The crew members are a pure bliss as they make the hectic schedule worth working. The ambience of the studio is tremendous and suits well for all kinds of shoots. The studio has also been awarded with many prestigious awards by various fashion shows and award functions of Delhi. They have an Instagram reach of 275k followers!  

The studio plays a major role in Indian media industry and continues to work efficiently on various productions.

shoot villa,first 3D dark studio,india,indianness

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