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Doctor Insta

A sprained ankle forced Amit Munjal to use a telemedicine app in the US. He was impressed by the service which lead this veteran financial and management professional to think about a new start up in his home country India with the name “DOCTOR INSTA”. A 41 year old chartered financial analyst, who also did the advanced management studies program from Harvard Business School in Management & Leadership, is Founder and CEO at DOCTOR INSTA.

“I wanted to launch a similar service in India for the overall well-being of people and for bringing ‘On Demand’ preventive and curative healthcare to everyone’s doorsteps.” Says Amit.

When asked about his life mantra the young CEO replied with- “Work Hard and Party Harder.”

indianness,doctor insta,Amit Munjal
Amit Munjal

The products and services offered:

Want to meet your doctor but are too sick to get out of bed? Doctor Insta is at your service. You can also video Call or chat with a doctor to get an advice on your health. Doctor Insta is India’s 1st Video Medicine Company. The Health Caregivers are available round the clock on 24×7 and 365 days basis and can be consulted through Web, iOS and Android Apps. He thinks that most of the OPD cases do not require in-visit’s, so in order to save time and money he created the firm where people can directly communicate through web. Using video/chat service as a platform, the experienced Doctors across Psychology, General Medicine, Diet & Nutrition, Paediatric amongst other fields can Look, Listen, and Engage with the patients to diagnose first level issues.

“We are striving to fix the current problem of Accessibility, Reliability and Consistency in India’s $100 Billion HealthCare Market and to bring quality healthcare to everyone’s finger “taps” – “Anytime, Anywhere.” He adds.


Seed funding of around Rs.3.5 crore was received by Rishi Parti, RoundGlass Partners and BrahmaX Ventures. The social need, the business opportunity and a first-hand experience inspired Munjal to found Doctor Insta in July 2015—commercial operations started in December 2015.

“The company wants to bridge gap between doctors and the patients with 100% quality consultation.” Amit says.

This start-up/venture can really change the society:

The company also acts as a database to keep personalized e-records with uploaded notes and prescription pertaining of each consultation. There are over a million doctors in India and each on an average do around 50 consultations a day. With this app/platform, more than 70 per cent of these consults can be done. The venture is changing the definition of convenience for the users. Their plan is to take about 2-3% of this market and are also eyeing the overseas market.

Amit also adds that- “In the villages, the consultation fee has been fixed at Rs.100-150. Our aim is to save close to 10,000 man hours by providing 2,500 consultations every day, by the end of the year.”

lets hope that venture receives recognition from the people, so many can enjoy the advantages.

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