Does A Large Chunk Of The Fashion Industry Depends On Animals? How Far Is It Justified?

There is a significant chunk of the fashion industry that is dependent upon animals for the input. Two major deviluges were released within the major fashion industry over the past 12 months, that are damning for métier that profit from animal fibers like, silk, leather, cashmere, and wool. Leather is an animal product that is in huge demand. According to statistics from the Ministry of Food Processing Industries and the Council for Leather Exports, the value of leather exports from India – which is one of the largest leather manufacturers in the world – is ten times greater than the cost of its meat exports. The cows, horses, or goats are killed to obtain leather. Whereas sheep is the core source of wool, the wool textile industry, too, received massive criticism for the same. The exploitation of animals to obtain several fabrics has been on edge, to produce a small chuck of fashion attires. What’s so cool, wearing a leather jacket? Or are they wearing an animal skin shirt? Animals belong to their region and lives within their community, thus why hamper their existence just because of our pure obsession with fashion products?

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Furr Coat

Following the ban of cattle slaughter in India, brands like Zara, Marks & Spencer, Prada, Hugo Boss, and Armani, or their agents, have started enquiring the merchants in India that whether they would be able to meet their bonds on supplying footwear, handbags, jackets, belts, etc. Mass production of fur and leather items is being created by a cruel system of farming. Billions of animals are massacre each year to meet the demand needs of raw materials such as leather or wool. Products like boots, belts, and fur coats are in an all-time trend. Thus the fashion industry has been tormenting animals for ages. This was all about wearing animal skin, but the cruelty doesn’t stop here; animals are experimented to ensure the safety of several cosmetic products such as lipstick, mascara, or skincare. It is estimated that 500,000 mice, rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits agonize and die in these tests each year throughout the globe. Pain solace is rarely provided, and the animals used are majorly killed at the end of each test.

We still can flaunt ourselves without wearing animal skin, and we always can be fashionable without harming the animals. The sick part of all these things is that many people wear animal skin just for the sake of wearing them. Thus the question which now arises is that where are we going? Killing a life to fulfill a desire is not acceptable. We need to try to shift our perception of fashion, relying on animals to something more natural and safe. We need to start reforming our ways of being fashionable the way we tend to be today. There are considerable needs to push the animal’s rights forward and discourage animal experimentation — animal cruelty, whether intentionally or unintentionally, shouldn’t have space in a civilized society.

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