Dr. Subroto Das

Dr. Subroto Das- cutting down road accident death toll!

On a dark and rainy night Dr. Subroto Das was travelling with his wife and a friend on Ahmedabad Baroda highway, when he met with a freaking accident. He and his co travelers waited for more than five hours for help, only a milkman carried them to the hospital. Luckily, all were saved but this tragic incident left him with a question that how many people die on a highway because of unavailability of help.

Getting lesson from his personal experience, Dr. Subroto Das and his wife started- lifeline foundation to help road accident victims.

“I was the only one who could move after my car crashed. My wife and a friend who was travelling with us were trapped in the car, but no one would stop to help us despite seeing the smashed car and me waving at them to stop. After about seven hours, a milkman on a bullock cart stopped. He took us to the hospital,” Dr. Subroto Das told to Livemint.

Whenever there is an accident on the highway, a trained team from Lifeline Foundation rushes to the spot, ensuring that it reaches within an hour of the accident. According to many doctors, the first hour after an accident is very important for patient’s life as many can survive if treated within an hour of an accident. Many reports suggest that the foundation reaches the spot in about 40 minutes only. They have also set up several boards having their helpline number on it at various intervals on the highways. The teams are trained to give basic care and ensure that critically injured people are not moved unnecessarily or in a manner that could cause further injury. Now the foundation has spread it wings to other states like RajasthanMaharashtra and West Bengal as well. It covers an area of 1,476km of national highways across these states.

Accident cases are always ignored due to the involvement of police. So the foundation also takes care of all the matter with the police and also does the paperwork required in the hospital, they ensure that the patient gets immediate service. They also guarantee hospital payment in case the patient can’t pay it. Though many end up paying the fees sooner or later.  

In a Livemint report Dr. Subroto Das told;

“The biggest thing that prevents people from stopping to help accident victims is the fear of police harassment. Most people, educated ones included, do not know that the police cannot force you into giving details that you don’t want to. Nor do they realize that hospitals cannot refuse to treat an accident victim in the name of waiting for police formalities. Nor can the police stall medical procedures in the name of carrying out legal formalities. The Supreme Court’s orders are very clear on this.”

Indian Oil Corporation had tied up a knot with the foundation and train attendants working on its petrol stations on highways to handle accident victims. Dr. Subroto Das has received the fourth highest civilian award- Padma Shri in 2017 for his services. 

Dr.subroto das

People like him are the reason why people still believes in humanity and why being an Indian makes everyone proud and empower. He is completely dedicated towards his mission of saving the victims of road accidents and ensuring that no one losses his/her life die to shortage of help. Because he believes that nobody deserve to die a death which was not supposed to be theirs. We hope Dr. Subroto Das connects with more help in the future and thrive his aim to the other parts of the country as well.  

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