Eat Raja is setting an all new trend for Bangaloreans!

Eat Raja

‘Eat Raja’ the unique juice shop in Bangalore, is setting an all new trend in INDIA. When on one hand plastic is causing such a great menace to our environment, turning towards zero waste is a need of an hour. We all know that plastic is not recyclable and once manufactured it takes years to degrade. It is an anti-biodegradable product. And do you know that there actually are 8 plastic gyre in 5 major oceans in the world, which is an ultimatum on marine life? Have you ever wondered the amount of plastic we find once we enter any supermarkets? All of our food, clothes and daily necessities are packed in plastic wrappers. It is shocking to realize the rate of plastic production on daily basis! But why the production rate so high? Because the consumer rate is high. We prefer purchasing stuff beautifully packed in plastic wrappers rather than any other materials. It is a kind of mindset which we have adopted in order to maintain our fake elegance. Bengaluru alone produces almost 3,000 to 5,000 tons of waste every day! And here the ‘Eat Raja’ juice shop comes into action, as his zero waste business model gives Bangaloreans an organic spin.

Eat Raja, serving juice is fruit shells!  

‘Eat Raja’ is a small juice shop located in Bangalore, which serves its juices in incredibly unique style. Anand Raj is setting an example on this front as his zero waste strategy of giving consumers a pure organic experience is what makes him stand out, who is an former Radio Jockey-turned-businessman in Malleswaram, Bengaluru. This 45-year-old, is running a juice corner named as ‘Eat Raja’, which is his family business, intends to make it zero-waste by reducing the quantity of waste they generates on daily basis. There are no straws, cups, plates or anything that are the basic needs of running a food business, so how do he manage to serve? Well, much to our surprise, this young man is serving juices in none other than the fruit shells! He uses fruit pulp to make natural juices whereas its shells for serving purpose, these shells are biodegradable and once used, are than served as animal feed and for making bio enzymes.  

Eat Raja

“While segregating waste, we put the citrus waste in one bin and the fruit waste in another. We make bio-enzymes out of the citrus waste, which is not only used to clean the steel straws but also to manufacture floor cleaners, PET washes, and detergents.” Said Anand Raj.

Even the straws present at the shop are all of either wheat stem, bamboo, steel or copper. Okay, if all these doesn’t sound much fascinating to you, then he has a lot more to offer as well. His zero waste management model also promotes quit smoking campaign, where he is doing his bit by providing free juices to those who wish to quit on smoking! Additional offers are too on, if a person bring their own steel cups along with them, Anand Raj offers a discount of Rs. 20 per juice! Anand’s juice shop ‘Eat Raja’ also serves homemade dishes, all thanks to his mother who also showed her interest in the business. This is not the end, as the shop provides 2 refills on almost all of their juices!  

How did Eat Raja journey started?

Do you know that Eat Raja is actually 40 years old fruit shop of Bangalore? Anand’s father opened this juice shop, and through his earning he educated Anand so that he won’t have to sell juices for living. But fate awaits something else, as after he dies away, Anand took over the family business but of course giving it a much needed organic spin. The tagline of this cafe is ‘Amma Maadiddu’ which translates to ‘Made By Mother’. The tagline itself suggest that the café is very dear to the young man because unlike us, he is earning his living without harming the natural resources.

In his zero waste initiate, Anand avoid using polybags or plastic cups which makes it impossible for him to provide delivery or packaging services. If one want to have the experience he must visit the shop himself. The juices are purely fresh, Eco friendly and experience is fun to have! The team of The Indianness, wish Anand Raj luck for the future!     


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