Eco Cooler- Zero Power Cooling With Plastic

Eco Cooler

Jugaad technologies is not a new thing in India, and people have some solution for everything. It only has one moto that is- ‘keep it simple.’ It roughly means an innovative fix for any high-end business model requiring minimum assets. But this time the inventor came from Bangladesh. 

Jugaad innovation is based on six operating principles:

  • Seek opportunity in adversity;
  • Do more with less;
  • Think and act flexibly;
  • Keep it simple;
  • Tap the margins of society for employees and customers
  • Follow your heart.

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DIY air conditioner:

An inventor uses physics and waste bottles to cut the temperature by 5° C inside houses. Ashis Paul created his air cooling system using a common waste item in Bangladesh: empty plastic bottles and wood. It is the first-ever zero electricity cooler of the world. As hot air rushes into each plastic bottle, it is pushed to the rim, where it begins expanding. This expansion then leads to the cooling of the air as it enters the target room. This cooling results from the pressure change. As air enters the plastic bottle’s more full part, it comes out the bottleneck with a higher pressure. As it quickly disperses into the room, its temperature drops. The example can thoroughly explain the principle, with your mouth wide open, blow some air onto your hand. Does the air feel hot? What if you do the same with pursed lips? Does the air feel cool? That is precisely how the Eco cooler works! It is called Joule- Thompson effect in thermodynamics.

Grey Dhaka, the Bangladesh unit of US-based multinational advertising and marketing agency Grey Group, may have found the answer to tackle the sweltering heat. Last year, Grey Dhaka introduced the Eco-Cooler, which is the world’s first-ever ‘zero electricity’ air conditioner. Meanwhile, the cooler is very successful in Bangladesh, and along with it, India also accepted the technology and is planning to use it as well. The model is well known for its simplicity and, therefore, is efficiently used by everyone. Due to less input cost- the cooler is very cheap, thus, affordable by everyone.


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