Eshan Hilal- a male belly dancer

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Belly dancing is one of the most beautiful dance among all other forms. What do you imagine about belly dance? a hot girl, with flat stomach, round hips and a perfect flaunting body, right? Even belly dancing is often referred to be something very feminine. But what if I tell you about a Male belly dancer? Yes! Eshan Hilal from UP Sambhal is breaking all the stereotypes and creating his own era.

A Journey Worth Knowing

Eshan Hilal is a resident of UP Sambhal and belongs to an orthodox Muslim family. Since childhood, Eshan was very keen in dancing and use to entertain by dancing in front of other people. His parents use to take it as a childish thing, only until 10 years. Once when Eshan was 10, he was performing at his aunt’s home, when his grandmother abused him by saying “kabhi randi ko nachte hue dekha hain” (ever watched a prostitute dancing). He was hurt and traumatized by the remark. Of course, his father was upset hearing this. Same night he was beaten by his father till he got fractured! It clearly suggest how much his family was against his dancing. He was locked in the room whenever any guest use to arrive as his family was ashamed of him, to an extend that they don’t even want people to even see their son. People mocked him by saying gay, sissy, transgender, eunuch and what not. But all this hatred never let him deviate from what he always wanted to do. He was constantly compared to his brother. He was asked to be masculine and act like a man. Though he never understood why wasn’t he was considered a man enough while he was completely man enough for himself.

“They said, you’re a boy and behave like one, you are not supposed to dance because it’s girly. We want you to be rugged, be a man.” Says Eshan now 25, in a report by BBC news.

His love for dancing was thought to be against his religious norm thus the career he wanted to pursue held a hard journey. As his love for dancing grew more, more grew the family’s disapproval. So one night after a serious thrashing by his father- Eshan, then 14, choose to run away and landed up in Nanital. There he worked as helper in a resort for next 5-6 months until he was caught by the cops. When he returned back to Delhi- instead of being happy seeing his son- his father beat him up hard enough the he couldn’t even think of running away. He was so scared that he started locking his door at the night in the fear that his father might kill him. Of course, the road ahead was not smooth for him, but he trusted his instincts and went forward for it. He continued learning belly dancing and mastered the art like no else. Trained by yet another famous belly dancer Meher Malik- Eshan now is a professional and India’s first male belly dancer. Today he is a well-known personality but his parents still don’t approve his profession. According to them sooner or later Eshan will come back from dancing. But for Eshan- dancing is not just an art but his life. His heart beats on music and his love for this is undying.

Even after mastering the art- Eshan faced a lot of criticism in the industry as well, as his dressing style was still not appreciated even by his fellow members. He is a man, but one who loves wearing skirts, pinned up shirts, and loves to shake his belly. Though his family never supported, with the help Instagram and Facebook, he has been able to help win hearts of many around the world. Eshan is indeed a person whose love for his right is undying. The trauma he has been through and the journey which include the brutal assault was not able to harm his determination. In a situation when most of us even loses our hope to live- Eshan came out like a star. Thus, it is clear by now that our situations can never be used as an excuse for our failure, real determination and love for your choice can actually do wonders.     

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