Farrhad Acidwalla

Farrhad Acidwalla – One Of The Youngest Entrepreneurs In The World

Farrhad Acidwalla, has been an entrepreneur for more than a decade – and he’s only 25. At the age of 13, he caught the bug and borrowed $10 from his parents to build an online community devoted to aviation and aero-modeling. At the age of 16, he borrowed Rs.500 to buy an online domain. By 17, this young man was interviewed on CNN. Now at the age of 24, Farrhad Acidwalla is among the top successful entrepreneurs of India. Selling his initial business idea to a fan for about Rs. 25,000, he used the money to start a Web Developing Media Firm called Rockstah Media and CYBERNETIV DIGITAL. Farrhad is planning to continue running Rockstah Media, while studying finance at India’s prestigious H.R. College of Commerce & Economics. His net worth is about $4 billion.


  • In 2009, MidDay listed him 45th of India’s top Twitter user.
  • In 2015, he was featured in in VERVE’S fresh list of “GenNext Achievers”.
  • In 2016, on the eve of internets 25th anniversary, The Telegraph (UK) featured him 2nd on the list of “25 internet success stories aged 25 and then”.
  • In 2017, he was featured by VOGUE India as one of the “countries smartest Gen Zers of the moment”.
  • He was named by CNN Money as a young entrepreneur to watch out for.

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Ventures and working spirit:

Many ventures have been initiated by Farrhad and each of his ventures has taken him to the next level or rather another level and all the appreciations left him humble. The company is now about a year old and is already recognized by many across the nation. Farrhad has developed an award winning team of designers, developers, consultants and market visionaries who all work for one goal – Creating Awesomeness. Rockstah Media, a cutting-edge company devoted to web development, marketing, advertisement, and branding. Farrhad Acidwalla has earned a spot in several litany of famous publication. He is also a TEDx speaker and has been the youngest guest lecturer in IIT Kharagpur’s Annual Entrepreneurship Summit. Farrhad describes his work as “We conceive, conceptualize, visualize and materialize the awesomeness of web”. His description of work best suits him as this is strongly backed by his youthful perspective and experience.

He is among one of the best successful youngest Indian  entrepreneurs.

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