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Fashion And Television, How The Two Have Evolved Together

Each TV show has its own characteristic style. At times this flavor is so dynamic that the characters inspire fashion choices across the country. For example, when Gossip Girl first aired, Waldorf’s headbands took the world by a hailstorm. Department stores began to sell the preppy staple in a multitude of colors and patterns, ranging from polka dots to stripes to flowers. Or the Indian villain kamolika’s beautiful sarees, we have always been inspired by the television. Fashion and media goes side by side and this is despite of the fact that most of us rest ourselves from copying trends. Not only the kamolika’s saree but also the lead characters of ‘Naagin’, presented styles that people immediately attempted to emulate.

Another show that portrays perfect style was ‘Ishqbaaz’, where Surbhi rocked her daily looks with perfectly selected accessories. People are incorporating her style into their daily outfits. Another of the kind is of course ‘Behadh’, this one is beyond expectation. The way Maya (Jennifer Winget) carried her outfit was just splendid. Her chic look with professional attires matched with comfortable look is what every girl dream off. She was seen all suave up with white business outfits that literally changed the whole definition of fashion at work place.

Fashion and media:

Fashion and television has thus evolved together, the global trends of today is known to us only because of the television, if it wouldn’t be of it our fashion might have been completely traditional. This statement was of course not for everyone but for maximum of population whose basic fashion inspiration derives from television only. In a world without iPhones or Kardashians, fashion was nothing more than small-scale marketing vehicles used to entice customers into buying a couturier’s latest designs. But with the introduction of television things have changes a lot as well as making the fashion world more accessible, social media could actually be changing how the industry works. Now high streets can be really speedy. They have lots of money and infrastructure and the clothes can be in stores in a matter of weeks. And that’s what customers want, no wait. Hence, it can be said that media has great influence on fashion industry. Today everyone is fashionista in themselves. And like this fashion changed overtime. As you can see, TV shows are a great source of fashion inspiration that you can use to put together your day-to-day outfits.

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