Fashion Trends only Indian can pull off

There are trends running all over the world and we are drooling over them. We scroll instagram feed of The Kardashians and Hadids but forget what we have in store (being Indians).  The traditional jewelry we gave the world and the peculiar ideas we Indians let out, this is something we should definitely throw some light on.

Chooda with Jeans:

No matter what the situation is or what they are wearing, Indian women are pro at carrying chooda with almost every outfit they wear. Chooda, is basically symbol of new marriage. The newly married girl has to wear a chooda for almost one year after her marriage. So, be it jeans, a sari or a glamorous dress, she cannot take the chooda off. Undoubtedly, this accessory never fails to ruin an outfit and sets the whole mood of the outfit on fire.

chooda with jeans,india

Sunglasses with Saree:

Wear a good pair of jeans or a salwar suit, sunglasses would surely do justice to the outfit. However, saree is something purely Indian but sunglasses when worn on saree – look amazing. Most of the posh and high class women could be seen wearing ravishing sarees and elegant sunglasses over them. That just completes the look somehow when a good shade of lipstick is touched. Remember? How Sridevi in ‘Chandni’ wore elegant plain sarees and good shades over them? Yes, that is what we are talking about.

Sunglasses with Saree:,indianness

Bohemian Jewelry with Long Skirts:

Bohemian jewelry works well when worn with suitable long skirts and flowing dresses. Believe it or not, when it comes it bohemian jewelry, less is more. Too much of this jewelry can make you look like a tribal aunty. Moreover, a hint of this jewelry is what you need, to look absolutely stunning. Mostly worn on whites and blacks, this jewelry goes with all sort of colors (preferably light colors).

Bohemian Jewelry with Long Skirts,indianness

White Henna:

White henna is newest of all the trends that are running today. Gone are the days when girls used to buy brown cones for weddings and several other events. When it comes to henna, white does justice and to be honest it is classy and trendy. It goes with most of the outfits one wears. Although, people say that white henna is chemical based and can harm your skin, people are still ready to risk it for some ultimate goals.

white henna,indianness

Kolhapuris With Almost Everything:

We have sneakers, we have high heels and then we have Kolhapuri chappals. This footwear is something that can provide you high levels of comfort even on your worst days. Wear whatever and slip into your Kolhapuris to complete the look. Wearing a salwar suit? Go for Kolhapuris. Wearing a jeans and a t-shirt? Slip into your Kolhapuris. Wearing a black slit dress? No. Do not slip into your Kolhapuris. Now that is the point. Do not kill the look for comfort. Not everything is meant for Kolhapuris.


Traditional Bangles:

Traditional bangles or Indian bangles are something that looks good and makes a good sound. The people who believe in experimental fashion know the value of innovation; they can pull off any look with these bangles like a pro. The silver metal bangles mostly, can be worn with any sort of western outfit. Meanwhile, the bright colors do justice to Indian outfits. The bright colored bangles can also be worn on western outfits, only if you know how to carry them.

Traditional Bangles:,indianness

T-shirt with Patialas:

Although t-shirt with Patiala is an old fashion, we still cannot forget to put it in the list when we talk about the looks only Indians can pull off. The way, Kareena Kapoor dressed up in Jab We Met and the way, Katrina Kaif dressed up in the song Kala Chashma, is something phenomenal. This is one long gone season of experimental fashion. If you ever want to bring this trend back, do this look with some new age accessories and you’ll rock it.

T-shirt with Patialas,indianness

The ‘Angochha’:

 Don’t take angochha too lightly. It can add more charm to your outfit. Look at Bhaijaan and grab some instant inspo. Only Indians have the guts to pick it as an accessory. Adding angochha to a simple jacket and t-shirt can instantly hype your look and make you look like bhaijaan (kidding, there’s only one like him and that’s him). But to be honest, angochha can ruin your entire look if not carried properly. So, you better choose wisely, what to pair with what.


Toe Rings Or Bichhia:

Now, Bichhia is something that typically married women wear. The groom side presents it to the bride and she has to start wearing it the moment she gets married. Yes, they wear it in the toes. The Bichhia is specifically made of silver and not gold (although Indian go bananas over gold) because Indians say that gold should not be worn anywhere below the waist.

Toe Rings Or Bichhia,indianness

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