Five IIT graduate are changing life of slum kids

Anthill Creations

When many of us doesn’t even spare a second passing by a smile to poor, few people out of nowhere creates examples that are nothing but just magic. A group of 5 architect students from IIT Kharagpur batch 2015, Pooja Rai, Nancy, Nupur Agarwal, Vishesh Gupta and Souradeep Paul are such people whose Anthill Creations is changing the way slum kid’s play. Just from scrap, these students has created colourful playgrounds for underprivileged children. While many of us may think, what’s so unique about the idea, well these bachelors are doing wonders in the field of perfect architect needed for the kids whose upbringing is rough and sore. Spreading laughter and smiles is the basic foundation of Anthill creation! 

Anthill Creation- a much needed change

The group of 5 has created playgrounds by recycling tyres. They got the idea of recycling tyres when one of them was at an internship project in Morocco. The architect they were working with was passionate about recycling tyres and later this turned out to be the core idea behind their Anthill creation. Their first project was on their college campus, the Disha Seema Care Center, a school for children from small villages near the IIT-Kharagpur campus. These 5 architect friends decided to put off their jobs to create swings, jungle gyms, and proper play access to the underprivileged. The two among them, Pooja and Nancy has quit their job to give full time attendance to the Anthill creation, whereas the rest three serves as a part time directors to the project.

Anthill Creations

Anthill Creations got on board tyre company Michelin to help them with the funding and set up a colourful, joyful and a vibrant play zone! Their project has managed to touch the lives of almost 25000 kids in total. Not to leave out that this project was made just like a magical DIY technique in just 5 days with meagre 20,000 rupees. The regular playground with proper safety and swings was made with a great idea of recycling the waste. They do not use materials like steel or plastics instead use recyclable materials such as scarp tyres, oil drums and cables. A perfect way of creating an ecofriendly masterpiece!

“We believe that play is a necessity and not a luxury, and we are on a mission to make play accessible to every child” said Pooja Rai, Co-founder- Anthill Creations.

Their first playground was built almost 3 years back and since then one thing that they realized, is the lack of play zones for the slum kids in the country. Research says that if children do not get to play when they are young, they become more anxious and depressed as adults yet many people of India doesn’t even recognize the importance of playing for their kids. Having a playground is very important for kids to develop cognitive skills, creativity and helps them more active to learn and discover. There are various unused dreaded places in the town which had initially become dump yards. The Anthill Creations identifies such places by asking locals and by the help of voluntary volunteers from the city. They then transform these abandoned spaces into play zones of activity and play. They had transformed one such space in JP Nagar in Bengaluru in association with ‘Let’s be the change’ and ‘Zerodha’.  

Also the idea of creating a theme for their playground come from a very innovative way of learning the kid’s preferences. The Anthill Creation before building any playground, first play games with the local kids to understand their perception of play. They divide them into two teams, where one tells about their perception and the other draw it over a board. They said that they have seen kids talking about Rocket cars, elephants, octopus, unicorns and hell lot of stuffs. The team then turn these imaginations of kids into real life play zones having the props of their theory! Ever since their first project, the team has managed to spread the aim in several cities such as Pune, Delhi, Nizamabad and Auroville.    

Today the Anthill Creation has almost 800 volunteers who work with them. It is a nonprofit organization who aims to make play accessible for every child possible. The organization, in fact has asked Nepal and Africa to build play grounds for the local kids. The team of The Indianness wish that the Anthill Creation’s vision of building a better world for slum kids harbour more in the future!    


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