From a Barbar to Rolls Royce – Journey of Billionaire Ramesh Babu!

Rolls Royce

In the business world, it is frequently said that on the off chance that you have some prescience, are straightforward and can buckle down, at that point nothing can prevent you from acquiring better than average measure of cash or getting rich. The account of Ramesh Babu from Bangalore is a glaring case of how you can flood ahead right now serious business condition while doing things that you love.

Bangalore occupant Ramesh Babu, is a star in his group who maintains the matter of trimming and styling hair. He is a joint agent, with an unprecedented riches. He is a wealthy person and claims a lease a-vehicle armada of 67 elective autos.

“By one way or another, things have clicked for me,” says Babu, whose customers epitomize government officials, military officials just as celebrities, for example, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan only as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

On the vast majority of the days, Ramesh goes to his work environment driving a Rs 3.1 crore Rolls Royce Ghost. In his words, he handles the vehicle’s dashboard with a similarly deft touch and cares as when he is moulding someone’s coif. The intriguing part is that there are just five others in the city who possess such a lavish vehicle. Babu had obtained the Rolls Royce with his well-deserved cash.

Rolls Royce

Even though his salary from the cantina is unobtrusive, it is the rewarding extravagance vehicle rental business that has earned him his fortune. That additionally makes him probably the most extravagant hairdresser. The man has an authority’s energy for expensive autos which he cares for with most extreme consideration.

In any case, things were not all that simple in 1989. Ramesh’s dad, who claimed a little cantina passed on when Ramesh was a small youngster, and the primary methods for his endurance was a hair salon that his dad left for him. His mom rented the shop for Rs 5 per day and took up function as a household help to make a decent living.

“I recollect the day my dad died, leaving our family and his barbershop,” he reviews in a wispy voice. In 1994, Ramesh liked to run his dad’s shop as opposed to proceeding with his training. The salon, named Inner Space, was in a shopping complex by the school where he examined. It before long turned into a stylish styling outlet for adolescents.

While running the cantina, he loved the fantasy about owning a vehicle. After three years, Babu acquired a Maruti Omni to lease it to individuals for their utilization. This turned into the defining moment in his life. One of his mom’s bosses urged him to rent the Omni to Intel, the organization she worked with.

The profits through the vehicle rental business were empowering, and they enhanced his pay from the salon. As his notoriety developed, so did the vehicle rental business.

Before the finish of 1990, he was maintaining a productive taxi activity business by the name of Ramesh Tours and Travels.

In 2004, he got into the extravagance vehicle rental and self-drive business after the legislature opened up the travel industry part. Ramesh Tours and Travels hasn’t thought back since.

He previously put resources into a Mercedes E Class extravagance car that cost him Rs 38 lakh. The armada developed with three more Mercedes vehicles and four BMWs, which is, be that as it may, ruled by many Toyota Innovas.

Right now his armada comprises of around 200 autos, vans and small scale transports, including imported vehicles—a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Mercedes C, E and S class and BMW 5, 6 and 7 arrangement. He has an armada of imported Mercedes vans and Toyota smaller than expected transports.

“This is all the more energy,” he says. Concerning being a hairdresser, “I will keep on being one as long as my hands are solid.”

Incredibly, Ramesh charges Rs 75000 every day for the Rolls and his typical customers are corporate fat cats and visiting Bollywood and Tollywood stars.

In any case, Ramesh’s extravagant car armada does exclude just autos, and he likewise claims a Suzuki Intruder perfect quality bicycle that is worth Rs 16 lakh. He rides this bicycle during ends of the week and utilizations it just for private purposes.

Indeed, even today, being such a rich man, he remembered his underlying foundations. He trims the hair of his customary clients for just Rs 65.

Babu owes his prosperity to doing what he thought was ideal. “Whatever I did, I progressed admirably, that is everything I can say,” he grins.


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