From waste to wonder- this Agri pad is incredible!


Stubble burning also known as straw or Parali burning has created a lot of smog and pollution recently. Delhi, the capital, has literally tagged as a gas chamber of India! People, government and institutions are working hard to eliminate the effects, but nothing much has been done yet. People are coming up with different innovation like the one which came few months ago, wher a man invented a 5 rupee capsule to stop straw burning. This time, the story comes from the lanes of Chhattisgarh where a lady has come up with this unique idea to create sanitary napkins out of waste stubble!

Agri pad- Innovation on its top!

Sumita Panjwani, a 52 years old women and a master in food and nutrition, has invented this innovative pad and has introduced biodegradable sanitary napkins made of fiber in the market. Though she is still awaiting validation from the Indian Cotton Research Institute to verify its purpose. Under the scheme of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana-(Remuneration Approaches for Agriculture and Rejuvenation of the Allied Sector Center), applicants has a liberty to receive assistance for the development of agri products. And Sumita has used this scheme very well. She has developed the pad under the guidance of scientists from IGKV.

The sanitary napkin is a good approach in not only rectifying stubble burning but also creating biodegradable waste, and thus to take this approach a way forward- the scientists from IGKV are trying to seek subsidy for the mass production of the product.

“Chhattisgarh produces rice in large quantities and with it also produces agricultural waste. This stubble is used as an absorbent in the sanitary napkin. Rice straw contains about 45% cellulose, also known as fiber, which is obtained after the stubble is properly crushed. ” explained Sumita.

This agri waste biodegradable pad is still in incubation stage and Sumita is still checking and working on the leak proof technique of the napkin by experimenting cotton and other ingredients used. This idea of Sumita will not only help in eliminating stubble pollution but will also improve women sanitation and increase rural employment opportunities. And above all the product will not contaminate the environment!

Such kinds of innovations and ideas are extremely important in today growing menace society. Where on one hand pollution is on its extreme, women health suffers a lot due to unhygienic terms and people keep on degrading the climate- knowing about Sumita gives us hope that things are still in our hands. If we won’t improve today we may face the consequences tomorrow.


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