He rides the bike taller than his own height!

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To bike, or not to bike: that is not a question. We have seen numerous bike riders riding their bikes on the streets. But have you ever seen a cycle taller than an average human being? If not then meet this man from Chandigarh also popularly known as Johnny who is riding a bike in an astonishingly different taste. This man has bought alive the phase “when in doubt, pedal it out”.

Rajeev Kumar-34 from Chandigarh, makes the tallest cycle in India. It’s a bid to promote cycle transportation for a clean and better environment. Though he is not a full time cycle maker and runs a separate business for livelihood, but is passionate about his interest and does it during his free time. Since childhood he is committed to cycle making. When in school he made a cycle taller than his own height and made a news on one of the renowned newspaper, The Tribune. So the people pretty much know about him, from long before.

He makes cycle of unusually high heights which are great at balancing. In 1998 he had made a cycle that was 13 feet and six inches high. The cycle was built with four wheels to keep it steady. And to ensure that he was riding on two wheels only, Rajiv would use a lever near the seat so that two of the wheels would move up a few inches and not be in contact with the ground.

“I always wanted people to know me, talk about me and recognize my work, that’s why I wanted to do something unique.” Says Rajeev.

At first he faced several rejections about openly riding the bike on the streets. He informed local policemen about his cycle and asked for permission, but eventually had no success. When he reached the transport department, luckily some of the people in the office had seen it in the city. They immediately put a stamp on his application. But for some unexplainable reason, it was not permitted and just like that- he dismantled his cycle.

But one of Punjab’s educational institutions, Chitkara University wanted to sponsor him and made him their brand ambassador with which he earned quite money also. For their local campaigns, brands like Indian Express and Britannia also reached out to him and he was happy to put the extra board on his cycle. Rajiv is now working on a cycle made of steel that can stand up to the Indian weather, even if it stays outdoors like rust, dust, rain etc. weighing nearly 20 kilos, it’s been the journey for about two years now. He has been riding his bike with a Chandigarh logo on it.  

Rajeev, who has already entered India’s Limca Book of Records, believes that the cycle is the most environment-friendly mode of transport and the next generation should move towards riding this giant. Ever since he gained lime light, Rajeev can be seen on many news channels- discussing importance about riding a bicycle in an era full or motor vehicles. He aims to create an environment friendly lifestyle that could be bring out both- cut pollution and cut health risks.


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