How Smartphone these days is defining fashion among youths?

Smartphones has become the most important x factor of our day to day life. Without them our life is incomplete, from morning till night they are our constant partner. And why not? It’s a perfect rescue device for your daily needs. From finding desired clothes to booking a movie ticket, from booking a cab to having a helpline number or from calling to simple tasks like calculating, what not a smartphone can’t do? Who needs a camera or a radio if you got your smartphone in hand! The whole world is just a click away from you! So, much interestingly, how smartphones these days is defining fashion among youths, is a question which we all got answers off.

When we talk about fashion, it usually defines our appearances.

People are so much addicted in changing the trends and following the new ones like a drug. Many people out there are poorly wasting their money buying clothes, shoes and accessories on daily basis. Looking fashionable and up to date with fashion is I guess the only exam everybody is running after to crack. Each morning we at least take 15 minutes to decide what we will be going to wear today. Thus it is very clear the fashion is the key ingredient we use to spice up our boring lives and so are the smartphones. But what if these two combine together to provide assessment to each other? Smartphones are the major drive of fashion, people get aware of new trends only through smartphones.


Fashion is just not an ambitious projected image but rather an evocative and refreshing concept which is worthy enough to be portrayed for society’s appreciation that makes us even more instinctive and impressive. Social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter and most importantly Instagram are the major source to get know more about the present trend and if not more can set one as well. How? Well by having an array of images shared by people one can possibly decide what is in trend not nationally but also globally and what will look best on yourself. It’s quite a valuable source where you can find out possibly anything you need to know about.      

Then we have online shopping applications which sells the latest fashion product on a student pocket friendly rates thus attracting more and more customers daily. Impressively smartphones connect us to fashion in a complete and worthy manner that helps us to choose best for ourselves. Thus smartphones has a pretty cool impact on our fashion statements. So if we talk about fashion and smartphones together it would not be wrong to say that they are ironically interdependent on each other. Why? Because the smartphones are the major fashion drive. All the latest, looks, trends and product are just a tap away from you! Even not the fashion industry is also indulging into the smartphones need of the people. You must have seen apparels with a special pockets for your smartphones, not just this many companies are launching clothing’s with the special pockets for gadgets such as mp3 player, smartphones, travel documents, etc. The companies even makes boxer briefs with a pocket for a passport or iPhone. Useful, isn’t it? Every smartphone worth its salt is a music player as well. Some companies are now making certain caps designed in a way that they have in built ear plugs which one can connect with their smartphones and save themselves from the extra hassle of long wired ear phones- funny! Even funny is the fact that now smartphones themselves has become a fashion accessory, everybody is running after having smartphones with an attractive look view. Hence, mobile phones have impacted the fashion industry pretty sturdily.    


The success of the fashion trend lies in the way the society interprets the fashion trend and judges it. Every fashion is not just carried out like that but is of course tested first not only by the experts but by the public as well. It is ironic that how anything can become a trend to how not everything can be a trend. The phenomenon of fashion can be distinguished into elite fashion and everyday fashion rather than just restricting ourselves to the concept of Indian or western high fashion. It a large pool of possibilities which doesn’t require an expert for it!   

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