IIT Kharagpur new invention doing wonders in rural health!

motorized spinning disk

The health sector in India is counted expensive if we see at the poverty scenario of the country. Where world is being faced by new health epidemic one by one, not many in India have the privilege to do regular health checkups! For detecting complete health details, complete Blood Count (CBC), the crucial test is the blood checkup which helps one study blood and its features thoroughly. Usually it cost around Rs. 200-400 doing a blood test in the country which is obviously a higher rate if compared to the average income of a poor person. And just as there was an introduction of the new deadly virus in India, IIT Kharagpur came to your rescue! IIT Kharagpur had invented a new device to do complete blood count test with 95% accuracy at just mere Rs. 10! Now what else do you wish to have?

IIT Kharagpur and its new invention doing wonders in Indian health sector   

The team lead by Professor Suman Chakraborty had developed a cheap motorized spinning disk that can bring down the expense of one CBC test to about Rs 10. This motorized spinning disk helps blood to circulate and then the higher density constituents settle at various regions within the disk which further helps in studying the complete synopsis of your blood. It helps in understanding which cellular constituent is lower in your overall blood count and also helps identifying the diseases from common fever to even cancer.

“The basic principle is straightforward. Different cellular constituents of blood have different densities. So, if you rotate them in a motorised spinning disc they will segregate at different regions based on their density.” Said the professor in a report by The Better India.

motorized spinning disk

This disk by IIT Kharagpur can perform haemoglobin, red blood cell, white blood cell and platelet count tests providing almost accurate results. The motorized spinning disk device is bio-degradable and can be disposed of after the tests. One of the most crucial part of this path breaking kit is centrifuge which needs maintenance and experts to run the machine. However there is no need of an expert to prick the finger and collect the blood sample. It is a simple polymer disc which operates on the basic functions of centrifuge. The basic operational front of this device is an input pad and the reaction pad, all you need is just a single drop of your finger blood and a drop of reagent on the paper reaction chamber. As for now, the device isn’t integrated with a smartphone, though trials are on their way to make it done.

A research paper from IIT Kharagpur explains, “The major advantages of this device over state-of-the-art include multiple sample testing within a single biodegradable disc, simple design and fabrication techniques, potential automation thereby making it portable and eliminating the need of trained personnel, and most significantly, eliminating any need for downstream processing of the separated blood. These results may turn out to be of immense consequence towards developing novel point-of-care haematological analysers for resource-constrained settings.”   

Since there are so many places in India that do not have doctors, the local administrations of the place can establish e-health clinics where local doctors or specialists can make it certain that the medical data of patients is collected on a motorized spinning disk just like a tablet or computer and then have those results sent to a doctor present at any major cities in India. Experts can read this medical data in proper laboratories and give out sure results, after reviewing these samples the doctor further can give their recommendations.

V K Tewari the director of IIT Kharagpur said, “The upcoming super specialty hospital of the institute will use several of such devices to ensure the new improved reach of mobile healthcare and telemedicine to the last man of the society.” This invention can bring a great paradigm shift in the diagnostic services for underprivileged section of the society. The rural parts of India, where the health conditions too are not in a good shape, this device from IIT Kharagpur, the motorized spinning disk can actually prove to be a great deal of improvement. Blood samples collected by them can further be sent to the experts of detailed checkup and just like this one can ensure that no one is left undiagnosed!  


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