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Indian cuisine- DIY that you must try out!

Mouthwatering, finger licking and bids soothing- Indian food is what one can’t possibly resist. But to make them is heck lot of process. From cutting down vegetables to following the long procedure- we mostly tend to skip the hard work and use the advent of technology such as Swiggy or Zomato. But in all this what we are neglecting is our health. Our lifestyle is demining day by day as we prefer eating processed food or street ones. And then when we talk about chicken wings, it takes a lot of effort to cook and ordering it is also not an option as it is extremely costly. So the delicacy remains a luxury food often eaten in parties or special occasions. To cut the manpower and brighten up your taste buds- we bring you these tasty DIY easy Chicken wings recipes (source Tasty) that you should definitely try out!

Barbere Spicy Chicken Wings:

Mix 3 table spoon Paprika, 1 table spoon Salt, Cayenne 1 table spoon, Fenugreek 1 table spoon, Ginger 1 table spoon, Onion powder 1 table spoon, Cardamom half table spoon, Nutmeg half table spoon, Garlic powder half table spoon, Cloves according to taste, Cinnamon ¼ table spoon, Allspice ¼ table spoon. Mix it well and save two table spoon from it aside. Now take chicken drummets pieces and mix it well with the mixture. Marinate it for 30 minutes. Take half cup flour, 1 table spoon baking powder, corn starch 1 table spoon and mix it well. Bake the mixture for 30 minutes. Heat butter 2 table spoon and mix it with the 2 saved tablespoon of the before prepared mixture. Pour it on the baked wings and serve with chilies and salads!

Hot crispy Buffalo wings:

Take Chicken wings with ¼ cup corn starch and mix it well. Keep them aside. Now take Corn starch, flour ¼ cup, paprika 1 table spoon, garlic powder 1 table spoon, cayenne pepper 1 table spoon, baking powder 2 table spoon, black pepper 1 table spoon and salt 2 table spoon and mix them well, now add 2/3 cup water and again mix it. Now take the kept chicken wings and dip it in the prepared mixture. Deep fry it for another few minutes. Your hot crispy Buffalo wings are ready to be served. Make sure you serve it with hot sauce!

Sweet Soy Chicken Wings:

Take required Chicken wings add salt and pepper and mix it with potato starch. Now deep fry the wings for 7 minutes. Now take another bowl and add Soy sauce half cup, mirin ¼ cup, sake ¼ cup, sugar ¼ cup, garlic one. Boil the mixture and mix the prepared chicken wings well. Your sweet soy chicken wings are ready! Enjoy it with mayonnaise and cheese!  

Nashville Style Hot Wings:   

Take Cayenne ½ cup, garlic 6 table spoon, pepper 2 table spoon, salt 2 table spoon, paprika 6 table spoon, minced onion 6 table spoon, brown sugar 2 table spoon and mix well. Divide the mixture into three- name it 1, 2 and 3. Now take Chicken wings and mix well with the prepared mixture (number 1) and then add 4 cup butter milk. Keep it aside and refrigerate for 4 hours. In another bowl take Flour and the second mixture, mix the refrigerated chicken wings with it. Now deep fry the wings for 8-10 minutes. Take ¾ cup lard and mix it with the third mixture. Heat the sauce and pour it on the fried wings. Your Nashville style hot wings are ready. Serve it best with cucumber and hot sauce!

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