India’s First-Ever Digital Garden!

Digital Garden

You must have visited a garden many times to get fresh air, spend quality time with dear ones but you must not have ever visited a garden which is not only covered with trees but also digitally modified. When talking about Indianness, there are numerous wonders done by the people of the nation and one of them is very exciting and surprising as it is connecting the country with nature and the technology. You must be wondering what exactly it is which is playing part in both of the sectors.

Though the world is growing in developing new technology and when we talk about nature definitely a lot of countries are playing a major part in saving the forest or you can say nature. Then why should India stay in the back? Yes, India’s first digital garden will blow your mind like never before, as one of the botany students who converted a garden into the digital garden is today’s most amazing work of art and there is nothing you should wait for to visit this place and explore this digital garden of India.

Kanakakunnu royal palace is a model legacy great site as per the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) in Trivandrum in light of the fact that it means a novel model of protection of biodiversity and biological system the executives.

A post-graduate Botany understudy, Akhilesh S V Nair has utilized his fertile advanced aptitudes to blend science and condition. He has digitized the royal residence garden by making the subtleties of the plant accessible to the guests through a portable application, reported by experts.

The venture has been enlivened from ‘Computerized India’ activity that intends to make India completely advanced and associated with most recent patterns and individuals at the snap of a catch.

Nair has connected the data of the plant species crossing 21 sections of land of the royal residence garden utilizing a QR or standardized identification that can be filtered utilizing a straightforward versatile application like NeoReader.  About 600 trees in the garden spread over 21 acres located in the Raj Bhavan. The natural science devotee has recorded 126 types of both tree and nursery plants on a site that is connected to the code through the versatile application.

The overall population would then be able to get to subtleties of the trees with the application including its species, nativity, conveyance, natural character, including blooming period right now. Nair alongside his teacher, Dr. A Ganga Prasad are putting forth attempts to spread progressively assorted and point by point information about the lavish plants.


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