India’s First Woman Private Detective- Rajani Pandit!

Rajani Pandit

Being a woman detective seems much like a k-drama, where Suzy is kicking out the buzzword! But when we take up things, in reality, not many seem to fathom the truth of a woman being in a field that requires strength and courage. It is often considered for a woman to opt for professions such as teaching or writing, it’s only when few women choose to break out the norm that we really come out of that stigmatizing bubble which confines females to a limited room. Rajani Pandit who is India’s first woman private detective is breaking down all the barriers that say such jobs require masculinity. This is her story.  

Rajani Pandit, a story of bravery!

Rajani Pandit first came into the limelight back in 2018, when she shared a post on her Facebook profile describing the insights of her very first case. Rajani was 22 years old back then. But her story started long before, during the time when she was in her sophomore years. She solved her very first case when she was in college.  A woman with whom she used to work part-time, once told Rajani about the thefts in her house. She has her eyes on her newlywed daughter in law but does not have any proof. Thus she asked Rajani to solve this case. Rajani as always curious took this seriously and set up a watch across the street of that woman’s house. Shockingly, she found out that actually, the thief was that lady’s own son and when questioned he admitted to his thefts.

“I was always a curious person–with my father in CID, I had learned the art of a thorough investigation. I was in college when I solved my first case. I worked part-time in my first-year as an office clerk.” Said Rajani Pandit.

‘This is not a woman’s job,’ is a phrase that Rajani is much familiar with. When Rajani Pandit solved her first case, she was instantly recognized. With the help of word of mouth, people started tracking her down to help them solve their cases. She was also approached by several news channels and newspapers as she was now officially known as India’s first female private detective. Surprisingly, even after so much fame, her parents came to know about her job much later.

In her post she wrote, “Once my dad found out, he reminded me of how dangerous this profession is– but if he could do it, so could I! So I continued with my investigations. I was married to my job. I just never had the time or desire to start a family.”

Rajani Pandit was only 25 years old when she first set up her own private detective agency in 1991. Over the years she had managed to solve almost 75,000 cases and had created a team of 20 members. Her fame and preciseness towards work had given her clients from not only India but from abroad as well. But the case that Rajani remember’s as her toughest was when she had to disguise herself as a maid for almost 6 months! It was a murder case where Rajani has to collect concrete proof against the culprit. A father and son were brutally murdered, and there was no proof of who did that. The only suspect was the wife and the only lady of the house. Rajani pretended as a maid and lived with her. At first, her priority was to gain the trust of that lady, so whenever she fell sick, Rajani took care of her. Slowly and steadily she did gain her trust!

But once during a pin drop silence, Rajani’s recorder made a ‘click’ sound. At this moment the lady started doubting Rajani. She restrained her from going out. But luck did came her way, when the hitmen, whom the lady hired to kill her husband and son came to pay a visit. This was Rajani’s only chance and she herself made a cut on her leg as to create an opportunity for going out- and Rajani succeded. She ran across the street to go to a booth nearby and called the police to come over. The lady and the hitmen, both were arrested that day within 20 minutes!

Rajani Pandit

Rajani Pandit was born in a middle-class family in Thane and did her education from Ruparel College and then worked part-time before setting up her own agency. Initially, her father was against her decision of becoming a detective. He always said that this job wasn’t meant for ladies. But Rajani’s mom later supported her daughter and encouraged her to excel in the field and so did Rajani. 

Over the years, Rajani had taken up many cases including that of a servent, a blind woman, a pregnant lady or a street vendor. She is always determined and ready to do whatever it takes to solve the case. She has solved many cases from trivial such as couples who trust each other or marital affair cases or even finding information about a boy or a girl before the wedding, but this is not the end. Rajani Pandit had also solved cases or murder mysteries, thefts, and robbery. According to her, no case is too low to be solved, thus she accepts every one of them. She feels that the job of a detective today had become much easier with the availability of modern equipment such as recorders, bugs, and spy cameras; as compared to a decade before.

Being a teacher or a detective is one’s own choice. We are no one to judge their priorities and who says women can’t do masculine jobs? Rajani Pandit is one such example that proves that women are no less than men. She can do whatever a man can do. So, it’s really high time for us to stop comparing males and females to the profession they choose to opt for. Because Career has no gender!


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