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Interesting Indian Traditions And Culture.

India is a home for many absurd rituals, from weirdly dangerous to ridiculously fascinating- we got it all! Following are some of the traditions which will leave your mind wanting more.

Veni Daan – Allahabad:

Veni Daan is mostly practiced in Allahabad, a ritual performed by Hindu married couples, predominantly from Maharashtra and from some other places. It is a unique ritual performed at Sangam where male and female partners get dressed in beautiful clothes; perform Pooja together; once during the offerings women sit on the lap of the husband; husband combs and plaits wife’s hair, decorates them with flowers and cuts a small portion of the third braid for offering into the Sangam waters; and take a dip together into the holy waters while providing many other rituals.

Aadi Festival – Tamil Nadu:

Aadi Perukku is an auspicious culture observed in the Tamil months of July-August. Aadi means the ‘Tamil month of Aadi,’ Perukku means ‘rising or multiply.’ The festival is celebrated to pay gratitude to nature for its blessings like nature, rivers, and other water bodies. Women folks take a holy dip in the river and wear new clothes. They pray Pooja on this day; many tend to pray goddess ‘Lakshmi.’ The festival coincides with the annual freshens of the rivers and to pay tribute to water’s life-sustaining properties.

Lath Maar Holi – UP:

With the festival of Holi around the corner, the towns of Mathura & Barsana have already seemed to have smeared themselves in the colors of Lathmar Holi. They practice lath mar Holi before the Holi. Women and men dress up into beautiful clothes similar to their marriages and come down the streets for celebrations. The festival is said to be followed by a legend that is to be believed, Krishna teased his beloved Radha and her friends, who in turn responded by taking offense at his advances and driving him out of Barsana. On this occasion, women beat their husbands with sticks and husbands to protect themselves uses shields. The unlucky ones are captured by enthusiastic women who then make the men wear female clothing and dance in public. This is a beautiful ritual and culture that is celebrated with colors.

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