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Invento Robotics

Invento Robotics a company that gained light in 2017 when it got recognized by the president Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump at Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Hyderabad. The gambit of the word “technology” has now become further and wider than expected and can of course not be pinpointed to a set number of things. While we daily witness the launch of new gadgets – technology doesn’t live far away from us. And to minimize this distance further, the Invento Robotics is a company that works on producing human friendly robots and has launched ‘Mitra’- a talking robot. 

‘Mitra’- a Human Friendly Robot

Invento Robotics wanted to revolutionize Indian education. Invento was started in October 2016 and they have built a range of things during this time. Started by Balaji Vishwanathan, Mahalakshmi Radhakrushnan and Bharath Kumar aims to improve Indian education system. The Bengaluru-based robotics firm, Invento Robotics, happened only after Balaji Vishwanathan crossed many hurdles in more than a decade. Started with the team of three, the team now has 30 people and are competing with the world’s best in robotics.

“Our robots provide customer engagement through speech and allow third parties to pull the functioning suitable to their requirements. It helps firms offer their customers a personal experience through face recognition, initiating conversations and automating a variety of jobs leading to a decrease in operation costs.” Says CEO Vishwanathan.

The company has manufactured humanoids that can understand speech, recognize faces and converse in Indian languages. The goal is to make humanoids key members at places like banks, malls and hotels. These days it is hard finding good receptionists thus to counter this Invento has introduced India’s first female robot ‘Mitri”, she can talk, walk and initiate conversations. Her body is nothing less than that of any robot but her conversation skills are more human and engaging. Mitri is constantly blinking her eyes and turning her head to check the people around her. And it’s not just the blinking; once you register your details with her – a process where she will ask you questions and will register your name, age, workplace and other details – she will recognize you. They manufactures all their humanoids in India only to which Balaji’s quora bio states that “we built are robots not in China”.

“Our first area is in security (given India’s lax security infra) and customer service. Eventually geriatrics and helping children,” Says Balaji.

When talk about bank services, it is quite slow and tedious process, humanoids can fasten the procedure and can do far better than humans in many retail scenarios. Being a robot with social skills is not an easy task yet this is exactly what Invento Robotics aims for, creating humanoids that can ease man power.    

At GES 2017, the company introduced a new robot to PM Modi and US Presidents daughter Ivanka Trump. ‘Mitra’ a humanoid made in India for the world. Capable of face detection, face recognition, speech recognition, contextual support, and autonomous navigation; ‘Mitra’ is a 5 ft. tall humanoid. Balaji says that ‘Mitra’ can be used as customer service agent at many different firms.   

Balaji says that there aren’t much quality workers required in specific fields now in India. People wants to do more cool job than the boring ones. So bringing humanoids into the economy can reduce this pressure and people can enjoy doing whatever they want to be, thus integrating robots into the workforce is inevitable even if there will be resistance everywhere. 

The company aims at to make their robots work for different uses, like assisting elders suffering from loneliness, insecurity and pain, and assisting rural health clinics that suffer from a shortage of quality health workers.   

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