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IRCTC gets its first POD Hotel at Mumbai Central!

Recently, Union Minister of State for Indian Railways, Coals & Mines, Raosaheb Dadarao Patil Danve inaugurated this unique facility at Mumbai Central railway station. The POD facility at Mumbai Central has opened an opportunity for travelers to stay comfortably overnight and enjoy the luxury of hotels at cheaper costs!

The POD hotels are the best known and unique types of lodging system that provide numerous stay capsules in a compact space. These retiring rooms will make your stay safe, easy, and comfortable. These POD rooms will change the whole experience of traveling in the Indian railways.

First POD Hotel at Mumbai Central

The POD hotel inaugurated by Raosaheb Dadarao Patil Danve consists a total of 48 POD inventories. The building will feature numerous small capsules like rooms for overnight stay. They will have a washroom and restroom facility. The 48 inventories are categorized into different categories including 30 Classic categories, 7 PODs for ladies, 10 PODs for private spaces, and one for Differently Abled people.

The Classic PODs consist of only a single-person space, but enough to be comfortable. While the private capsules will have enough private space within their rooms themselves and the PODs for differently Abled people will have space to fit two guests with extra space for free movement of Wheelchair. All such facilities will be provided at comparatively cheaper rates.

The POD Hotel will include facilities like free WiFi, free Business Centre usage, 24-hour reception, free Locker, ironing board, free soap, and shampoo, left luggage facility. Apart from these, the hotel also offers air conditioning, key card access, washrooms, and CCTV surveillance. The cheapest POD is expected to cost Rs.999 for 12 hours stay. The space provides 5 shower units as well.

The Ministry of Railways recently tweeted

This unique concept has been inspired by Japan’s Capsule Hotel’s

The unique capsule hotels in Japan can be located easily at Railway and Bus stations. All the major cities at least have one or two such hotels for individual passengers looking for cheap spaces for overnight stay. These hotels provide private, enclosed beds and basic amenities at comparatively cheaper rates.

The standard capsule is made using fiberglass and futon mattress (1.2 meters wide, two meters long, and one meter high). The units are usually stacked and lined up either side by side or one below another. In Japan, each such capsule comes with a light, alarm clock, TV, and radio unit built-in, though in India, these amenities are not included yet. A curtain or a door closes the front of the entrance for privacy. Additionally, most places provide power outlets and free Wi-Fi internet inside the capsules.

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