Ishqiya Gajanand

Ishqiya Gajanand Ji Mandir- a temple for love confessions?

What if we tell you that in India where there is a flock of people opposing love such as rebellious Bajarang Dal, lies a temple solely dedicated to love? Would you believe it? Ishqiya Gajanand temple or Guru Ganesh temple at Juni Mandi, Jodhpur has quite become a sensation among youngsters recently. The locals believe that any wish that comes directly from their heart comes true here. Therefore, every Wednesday ‘shringar’ the temple witnesses hundreds of youngsters coming in to confess their love. Amusing, isn’t it?

There is a belief that every bachelor who comes here gets a good life partner. The temple is now gaining popularity and recognition among foreigners as well.

Ishqiya Ganpati completes every incomplete love story

Loving couples have been meeting in this temple for many years. It is believed that in this temple, the love of lovers rises and perseveres and by praying here, two lovers who fall in love get tied in the bond of marriage. This is the reason that the influx of loving couples remains constant here. This Ishqiya Ganesh temple of Jodhpur is about 100 years old. Situated in the narrow streets of the city, it is astonishingly famous. It is believed that if any loving couple comes here continuously for prayer, then there is no hindrance in their marriage.

Ishqiya Gajanand

This temple is of Lord Ganesha. There is only one such temple in Jodhpur which is famous for love. Thousands of lovers and other devotees visit the ‘Ishkiya Ganesh’ temple every day during the Ganesh festival. This festival is celebrated here with great pomp. Apart from this, the family members of those who do not get married also come here and wish for a suitable bride and groom.

As per the legend, the temple was established by philanthropist Lalch­andji Bhattarak in 1981. He found a three-stone shrine of Lord Ganesh and refurbished it as Ishqiya Ganesh.

Where to head? 4, Fateh Pol Rd, Kolry Mohalla, Sodagaran Mohalla, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342001.

Shelter for eloped couples? Let’s take you through Shangchool Mahadev Temple.

You might be surprised to learn that there is a unique temple in India where eloped couples find shelter. It is believed that at Shangchool Mahadev temple, Lord Shiva protects eloped couples. As we know, in India, we witness several incidents of honor killing, and this temple here seems to be a kind of solace for couples who seek refuge. Many loving couples have returned to their homes safely and people believe that Lord Shiva protects them.

This temple is situated in the village of Shanghar in Sainj Valley of Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu district. According to the locals, if the lovers of any caste or community reach the border of Shangchool Mahadev temple, then nobody can take action against them. The ground of the Shangchool Mahadev Temple is about 128 bighas and due to religious beliefs, the couples return their home safely. Even the police are not allowed to come to this village.

Ishqiya Gajanand

According to the legend, when Pandavas was chased by Kauravas, they found refuge in the God Shangchool temple during their exile. When Kauravas reached near the boundary but God Shangchool Mahadev did not allow them to cross the boundary. Since then, the people who come to this village get protection from God Shangchool Mahadev.

Half of the entire land belongs to Brahmins, priests, mujars, bajantri, and gur. Therefore, there are strict regulations on the visitors who choose to visit the temple. Not just policemen, even cars, horses or even drinking liquor is strictly prohibited in the area and only those who truly want to pay a visit are allowed on the premises.

Where to head? Siund, Sambha Bridge, Shangarh, Himachal Pradesh 175123. 

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