Jawed Habib- A hair styling titan

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Being a hairdresser in India is highly cool task because the fashion is impressively influenced by the world cinema. But along with this, being a barber is also somewhat considered not an important or reputed profession in the country. As barber and hairdresser are almost considered same though in actuality they includes several different aspects of styling- the hairdressers today are still stigmatized as barbers. And in this chaotic society Jawed Habib has set his own new kingdom. Coming from the family of barbers Jawed Habib today is an international hairdresser with more than 900 salons working under his banner. He introduced the concept of hairstyling in India, before him it was always Sadhna cut or a Dimple cut. But now you can yourself customize your look according to your choice- all thanks to Jawed Habib.

A journey worth $30 miilion!

As coming from the family of barbers, his grandfather was hair stylist to Lord Linlithgow at the Viceroy House, while his father tended to the locks of Lord Mountbatten, British India’s last Vicerory, besides that of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister and also former president, APJ Abdul Kalam among others. But Jawed didn’t liked his family profession back then and was keen to do hotel management, soon the events flipped and he ended up learning French language at the Jawaharlal Nehru University. Jawed was a passionate player during his college days and was also the cricket team captain of Jawaharlal Nehru cricket team. Later he went to London’s Morris School of Hair Design to learn about hair styling on his father’s suggestion. His father also went to the same school during his time as well and wanted Jawed to as well study there. And this is exactly how Jawed Habib turned out to be a hairdresser. After completing his nine months course from London, he was appointed at Sunsilk and worked there for another nine years. When he returned back to India, he was initially trying his hands working at his father’s salon but most of the clients who visited the salon would prefer cut by his father or his younger brother’s. This often leave him disappointed but it was during this time only when he decided to set up his own salon and thus started teaching hair styling and grooming. He started conducting seminars to raise awareness about the industry which enabled him to create a niche with the masses. And through these seminars only, he created his own brand named ‘Jawed Habib’. While having conversations with several people during his seminars including his students, Jawed got to know about their preferences and choices which helped him gain a better insights of customer’s needs. He created a brand where he provides affordable services to the people. According to Habib, today everything has a brand then why not a haircut? And this is how his journey started. As he didn’t had much money to raise his own brand he used money of the other people and build what we today call success. He first opened his salon in Kochi, Kerala.

Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Ltd is one the largest unisex salon chains in India and offer varied products and services including professional hair styling salons, hair academy, hair styling tools and beauty products. As today people are more look conscious the brand provides complete grooming at an affordable rates. Today he has more than 900 salons all around India.

jawed habib,indianness,hairstyler,indian entreprenuer

Their working model for the brand and group is based on franchises. They have approx. 500 salons which are in a joint venture and the rest as franchised. They take franchisee fees when people come on board and on monthly basis they take 15% share of their total revenues. They also have territorial selling where they sell territories to a master franchisee so that they can manage the territory. Today Jawed Habib is personal hairstyler to many big celebrities. Apart from styling Jawed Habib salons offer its own range of products for complete hair grooming. Ranked among some of India’s best known hairdressers, Jawed today has a salon empire of $30 Million.  

Personal life:

Jawed got married to Shaheen Akhtar and the couple had a daughter named Sana and a son named Anosh Habib. He has also been awarded many awards such as most preferred hair academy award or mentor of the year. In 2019, Jawed joined the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in New Delhi. And do you know that he holds a world record of performing 410 non-stop haircuts in 25 hours and 42 minutes! 

Jawed Habib’s story in itself might not have much of a dramatic struggle but his life is full of adventure and joy. The way he found to establish hairstyling as a valuable profession in India is nothing less than noteworthy. His success story might not gather much of the attention but it’s surely something different and unique.     


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