Jitendra Singh- a man with a golden dream

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The word Patriotism is what we all jump upon. By posting hashtags like #IndianArmy or #VandeMatram to protesting “Pakistan Murdabaad”, we all have our different story of patriotism. But among this crowd appeared a man, normal in his looks and a watchman by profession who has served the most eccentric definition of patriotism. Failed by just an inch, Jitendra Singh always wanted to serve the Indian army. But even though the rejection didn’t let down his responsibility towards the country.

Meet Jitendra Singh

Jitendra Singh is writing letters to the families of deceased soldiers from last 18 years. He started writing the letter from the age of 19. Jitendra lost his father in the Kargil War, and also 14 other soldiers from the same village. And when he happened to read a letter posted by a deceased soldier stating- “Father I am doing good, how are you?” moved him to write letters to the families of martyrs as an act of tribute. The 39 years old with his mere salary of Rs.10,400 is buying postcards to write letters to the families of martyred soldiers. He understands their pain and fell responsible towards the nation- that’s why his aim is to never let a family cry for their loved ones instead be proud for the sacrifice. He collects the data of all the martyrs from newspapers and television and then writes them the letter. He has the record of more than 30,000 martyrs. His efforts till now has served 4,500 families of martyrs with letter and has almost 38,000 stored in his database and also received 125 replies from them too. On all those postcards which he sent, he sketches the Indian flag and writes “Satyamev Jayanti” just behind it. That’s how he starts his letter. Inside it he writes about how much proud he feels in writing about their loved ones and how he will ever be grateful to them. In one of his ted talk, Singh has described the complete format of the letter that he use to write. He has also personally visited the house of almost 40-50 soldiers to meet their families.

“I started writing letters to families of martyrs after 1999 Kargil war and till date have written over 4000 letters to martyrs’ families. I have information and addresses of nearly 38000 army personnel’s families. My objective is to offer my gratitude to the service their sons, husbands and fathers did to the people of India like me,”

says Jitendra Singh in a report byIndiatimes.  
Jitendra Singh,letter man,indian army,indianness

Jitendra has a son who is still in his teenage years whom he has named after a martyred soldier- Hardeep Singh, a martyr from Karnal, Haryana, who sacrificed his life in 2003 fighting terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, according to The Better India. Singh wants him to join Indian Army, as he himself failed to do so. His patriotism is not seasonal, which comes and goes according to the atmosphere but is indeed evergreen- which stays even beyond the storms. When in 2004, the postcards rates went up, Singh was forced to write a letter to the PM to reduce the postcards rates- but was not responded. He states, that he stills write letters to PMO urging the same but no action has been taken so far. But despite all these circumstances, Singh never fails to write letters to the family. A person whose salary doesn’t even meet his basic needs is willing enough to spend on postcards and other essentials, seriously depicts how much respect he has for all the soldiers- living or dead- in his heart.


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