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We often had seen vending machines for cold drinks, juices, chocolates; but have you ever seen a vending machine for pizza!? Well, Mumbai has its first time ever vending machine pizza, there’s no chef inside the restaurant to cook pizza! And the good news is that it gets ready in only 5 minutes which means no more wasting time in waiting. The founders & directors of ‘Yess Pizza’ are Kamal Dixit, Kanak Dixit, Sudhir Undevia, Manoj Vithalani, Bhavesh Domadia and the cafe is managed by Tej Mehta who looks after Operations & Marketing.

“We call it ATP which means Any Time Pizza, where a person can go themselves and make their own pizza and take it” says co-founder Kamal Dixit.

Yes Pizza was launched in the first week of July in Kandivali, 2016. The cafe is a result of 2 and half years of research of all the partners. They have installed two large vending machines just like an ATM thus giving it the name ‘Any Time Pizza.’

pizza vending machine

Any Time Pizza:

At first you need to select the base, the pizza base is semi wheat which means 70% of wheat and 30% of Maida. Then will spread pizza sauce onto it depending on your choice and then ask you for the toppings. You can create any toppings by yourself, they have margarita, simply veg, premium veg and exotic paneer in option as of now. After you select the pizza type, then the pizza goes straight into the oven. It is cooked in pre heated oven where at 193 degree Celsius, the pizza is baked. Within five minutes your pizza is ready! The pizza is hygienic and tasty.

“Pizza are cooked in front of you from dough so everybody is satisfied” he adds.

Products it offers:

They also have fries vending machine which vends out fries in just 2 minutes, a juice machine which peels & squeeze out fresh fruit juices in 5 seconds. They also have automatic popcorn vending machine, making popcorns in seconds! Which means apart from enjoying pizza you can also enjoy eating other beverages as well. And not to forget that it is time efficient as well. Forget about standing in long queues and experience the new Any Time Pizza like never before. The place is pocket-friendly and won’t cost a lot to your wallet. The prices are not at all expensive for a service so unique.

They are soon planning to set this machine in other locations in India and several other countries as well. They have tied up with Kenya and now are trying to tie up with Bangladesh and Thailand.

“We have tied up with IRCTC, first we are given with Mumbai central station” Dixit says.

It’s world’s smallest pizza factory where you can enjoy your pizza getting ready from scratch.


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