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Karimul Haque- Bike Ambulanace Dada

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While many of us loose hope or become vision less when we lose a loved one, who knows there’ll be a man who despite of growing grudges against people would actually find a hope in them. The Padma Shri awardee Karimul Haque has gone door to door when his ailing mother was in need of medical treatment, apparently he was not able to found anyone back then to carry her hospital- which led his mother to die of a heart attack. This happened at least 30 years back from today but since that day he has taken the vow to never let anyone die because of an unavailability of an ambulance.

“She (his mother) died at home. I tried my best but could not get an ambulance for her. After she died, I realized the need for ambulance in the area,” said Haque.

Karimul belongs to Rajadanga in Malbazar village in West Bengal where daily amenities like roads and electricity are out of reach and the nearest hospital is about 45 kilometers away. With no ambulance facilities many villagers has died of ailing health. A few years down the lane, when one of Haque colleague collapsed he tied him to his back and made him ride pillion to the nearest hospital. Karimul was determined to make sure that history did not repeat itself. Today Haque has provided 3000 to 3500 people from 20 different villages’ free ride to the hospital.  

In 1998, Karimul bought a bike with all his life savings and past 50 years now, he is carrying patients to nearby hospitals. Along with this he has also learned about the first aid treatments by local villagers and doctors, so when in need he also gives first aid to the patients. He also conducts regular health camps in the tribal area. He runs his bike ambulance services 24*7.

He is fondly known as the “Bike Ambulance Dada,” by many villagers. He professionally works as a tea worker. With spending almost half of his monthly income in fuel and medicine, Karimul still stay dedicated to his mission. Today he has a big family where his wife, two sons and his daughter in laws stay together. For his services to the society, Karimul Haque was awarded the fourth highest civilian award- Padma Shri in 2017. He was recognized by the Modi government for his selfless service. And why not? A man who despite of any personal benefit is working hard for the betterment of the society needs a recognition not only by the government but by us as well.  

karimul haque,bike ambulance dada,india,indianness

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