Karthyayani Amma

Karthyayani Amma becomes Commonwealth of Learning Goodwill ambassador

There is a very strong saying “who wants to accomplish something with all passion and dedication sees no boundaries” indeed fits here with such an inspirational person who proved that age can never be brought up to achieve big as an excuse, once you commit yourself to your passion and goal, none in the universe can stop you.

As it is said that it is never too late to turn the tables and Karthyayani Amma, 96 YO old women are living proof of the saying and she is one of the stimuli who has proved it time again, as Amma secured high marks in the literacy examination held in Kerala and receives appreciation.

Amma is a native of Alappuzha district and the only women of that age who scored 98 marks out of the 100 in her very first formal examination which was held under the Kerala Literacy Mission’s Aksharalaksham (Million Letter) program.

The examination was focused on the three mode testing which was reading, writing, and mathematics. Karthyayani Amma said in her interview after the examination that she prepared for so many questions that were not even asked and also added the test was way too easy for her and she learned so many things for no reason as this test was a cup of tea for her.

She also added in her interview that she just wants to keep studying till the 10th or till the last call of god knocks her doors.

Though when she cleared this formal examination she reserved he seat to sit for the fourth standard examinations.

Karthyayni Amma said she couldn’t go to school when she was too young, but when she saw little children study it gave her inspiration to give a chance and study for her own identity. Though she’s already an emerged icon of Aksharalaksham, the ambitious project whose main focus is to target the total literacy.

It was an honor for her to receive appreciation from Shashi Tharoor on social media and many other highly designated officers of the nation.

Even after being recognized for her outstanding hard work, she is keeping it very simple and she was not concerned with responding to those critics who posted query about her age and what will she do with such qualification at this age, and that’s what we all need to learn that no matter how much anyone critics us we should be focused towards our aim and must not get agitated but any disheartening quote said by anyone. Success comes to those who are wise with the decision of putting positivity inside and not let letting bad things harm your goal.

She also added that Karthyayani scored 98 out of 100 imprints in the assessment which secured Mathematics, perusing, and composing. Of the 43,330 competitors who showed up for the assessment in 2019 August – Karthyayani – no curve balls there – was the most established. Her arrangements don’t exactly end with school. what after class 10? “I need to learn computers”, she says.

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