Kritika Khurana- ‘That Boho Girl’

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Kritika Khurana, better known by her blog That Boho Girl, is the Instagram fashionista and your guide to all things peculiar and stylish. That Boho Girl is stylish- effortlessly. Her looks are not something that just come out like that but a hell lot of beauty and perfection. She sports her stretch marks with pride and is comfortable in her imperfections- a pure beauty mark!

How Kritika Khurana started?

She started her self-titled YouTube channel in 2016, where she has accumate almost more than 110,000 subscribers with her beauty and lifestyle videos. Her Instagram account holds 528k followers and around 38k on Facebook. She has modeled for Pantene India. She and Doina Ciobanu participated in 2017 Social City London, a fashion and lifestyle convention. Kritika Khurana is a member of famous Blogger list. Kritika has a degree in Fashion and Design from JD Institute of Fashion Technology. She is a celebrated design blogger as well as profess an online business store THE HYPE and has her own name – K_Kritika. India’s largest influencer-led fashion e-commerce platform, Spoyl, has collaborated exclusively with fashion blogger Kritika Khurana to design and launch her very first own collection ‘That Boho Girl x Spoyl’. The collection features colorful bohemian styles in soft fabrics with fanciful details. This collaboration is essentially close to the fashionista because she has been bullied during her classmen years due to her over weight, now this brand will produce stylish clothes for women of all sizes and shapes so that everyone can flaunt in their own imperfection.

kritika khurana

Her love for her fans is incredible! 

With the amount of work she does, she certainly gets to travel a lot. If you are one of her follower you would have known about her regular trips, be it Dubai, London or the spots in India, she has it all. Her Snapchat handle consists of late night chat sessions with her followers where she opens about various issues, her desires and at times even gets super emotional. At the top of all- she respects her fans. Her estimated net worth is $100k-1M. She says blogging gives her an immense amount of happiness, posting the blog and reading the comments of followers means everything to her.


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