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Vijaya Lakshmi

Ducked inside the pretty valleys of Narayanapuram of Andhra Pradesh, we bring you the inspiring tale of iron lady of India- Vijaya Lakshmi! At an age where people mostly women start to consider retirement and opting a simple life, this eccentric enough high-quality female has flourishly commenced a brand new tale of her life. The 7 international record holder- Vijaya Lakshmi, according to us is the iron lady of India, and you can’t agree more! Her journey began after the loss of life of her husband, Vijaya Lakshmi began working for an adventure club.

The brave story of incredible Vijaya Lakshmi:

“My existence changed into aimless. I turned into living without an aim.”

Vijaya Lakshmi later adds that in her adventure club, she saw many other people rappel, and her ‘inner rappeler’ awakened! Via this, on the age where people commonly reflect on consideration of having a clean retirement, Vijaya Lakshmi’s tale commenced with a new story inspiring enough to awaken you.

This brave woman started her new-determined tale too late for us too early for her. She set a purpose for her risky game and set out to start working towards the direction of it. The founder of the adventure club, K. Rangarao encouragement and empowered her a great deal. This motivated her even more to achieve what she wants. On asking about Rappeling Amma, he states, “People normally have a fear of heights. When they stand on top of a tall region and appearance down, they’re scared. But this is for everyday human beings. Vijaya Lakshmi did now not have that fear.” The founder proudly brags about her saying that Rappeler Amma has set her mind and is so determined to work tirelessly on it and give her 100% to it!

Vijaya Lakshmi

Overlooking a speeding waterfall at above 420 ft, the fifty-four-year-old Vijaya Lakshmi is all set for rappelling even when the conditions were difficult. These hurdles came in the form of cold water that numbs her body and the slippery algae on the mountain rocks made her legs slip and loose balance. Just as the cherry on the cake, the rope too is wet and there is a less touch grip. A slight misstep and you’ll be subjected to fatal injuries! But at the same time as all of these are stacked towards her, she is unfazed. With undying perseverance and self-assurance and strength, Vijaya Lakshmi became the first female to rappel down the 420 ft Katika waterfall. But this did not quench her raging hearth for success yet. Her next purpose was to rappel down the same waterfall. But this time not exactly the same! This time her bizarre desire was to do it blindfolded! Yes, it’s insane! It’s crucial to know that being blindfold, the most effective technique is of course the right guesses or what we call luck, it will assist you to rappel down safely. And the chances of failure will simultaneously result in deadly consequences. Just making it do or die game! But Vijaya Lakshmi didn’t flickered a bit. By her trainer’s commands being instructed to her she had to rappel down blindly trusting him to create a history. And guess what? She actually did it! In 2016, the courageous Rappeler Amma rappelled down the humongous waterfall blindfolded and made a world record.

“Adventure sports activities have boosted my self-assurance level. I hope my achievements help improve my children’s self-belief too.” says Vijaya Lakshmi proudly.

Good at rappelling doesn’t justify herself to rappelling only, but rather you will be amazed to know that this old talent is actually cycling champion too! Rappeler Amma has also cycled two hundred kilometers to promote her hobby for cycling among the crowd of at least 70,000 students of over eighty schools in the region.

Vijaya Lakshmi at the age of 54 serves as an inspiration to many of us. She has won 7 rappelling records and motivates people to opt sports despite worrying about their age. She believes that exercising is a key towards good health. Her determined passion and self-confidence has made her what she is today. Kudos! To this brave lady and we wish her for her even brighter future!


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