Lydian Nadhaswaram

Lydian Nadhaswaram: India’s mini maestro!

Perfection is an art that takes years to master, centuries to learn and a lifetime to practice. However, if you happen to know about Lydian Nadhaswaram, you’ll get to know that sometimes it is the will that takes it all! Lydian Nadhaswaram at the age of 14 is doing wonders at the international level. The piano prodigy has amazed James Corden on the ‘World’s Best Show’ by his mesmerizing speed and incredible talent. There were participants of the show from more than 150 countries, Lydian managed to pick up the US$1 million cash prize! The young boy is indeed a rising musician in the country. But how did Lydian Nadhaswaram reached this height? Let’s take a look at his story!

India’s Child prodigy- Lydian Nadhaswaram

Lydian Nadhaswaram started by playing ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee’ by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s which in itself amazed the judges like never before. But the real twist came in the way when he started playing it even faster, at 208 beats per minute! And then he pushed the game a bit forward, by playing it even faster at 325 beats per minute. This was when Judge James Corden got truly inspired because the song ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee’ is a very difficult tune owing to its diverse key patterns and mix-matching notes, but Lydian played it at what in a piano is the equivalent of playing a Youtube video at “2x” faster speed! The great musician of India, A R Rehman appreciated the child prodigy by hailing Lydian as ‘India’s musical ambassador’. But this wasn’t the starting, Lydian journey started even before, at the age of 11.

Lydian Nadhaswaram

Living in the Indian city of Chennai, the young boy is practicing piano since childhood. The Steinway grand piano came to Lydian in 2017 transported all the way from halfway across the globe by Billionaire American investor Michael Novogratz who happen to hear Lydian at a musical salon in the US. Who knew, the then 11 would soon conquer the world by the power of chords! Barely 2 years of playing piano, has he had impressed people globally by taking some serious appreciations by playing Beethoven to Mozart, Chopin and everything that falls in between! The tender Lydian still prefers holding his father’s hand, Varshan Satish, while crossing streets or visiting adventure parks, however, he feels absolutely content while playing piano all by himself. He needs no fingers to clutch on to, all he needs is his piano and a lot of smiles to bring out the perfect notes by hitting up the right chords! 

Varshan Satish who himself is a music director would often sing to baby Lydian while rocking him in the cradle back and forth. The small baby could not understand the human words but would hum the tunes he heard, exactly knowing when to start and end and on the top of it he would also know how to modulate up and down rhythms. Once at a party, Lydian shocked everyone by playing a beat on the ground with the help of xylophone sticks! This wasn’t just a banging of a kid instead it was an ease tempo which is known as a 3/4 pattern according to the drummers. The fun fact was that Lydian was just 23 months young back then!

Lydian after appearing at the ‘World’s Best Show’ also appeared on Ellen DeGeneres show, where he talked about his journey from a regular boy to the piano prodigy. Lydian is homeschooled, who practice instruments almost 6 hours a day. He rarely goes to school and thus has few friends, but on asking about his circle, the young answered that he had made many friends on the show. Along with playing piano, Lydian is also an expert in playing drums, flute, and Indian classical instruments, Tabla. This young talent can play the piano blindfolded, handle two-piano at the same time and is being adept at playing the guitar and mridangam. He now wishes to compose a song for Hollywood.

“I want to work for an animation film,” said Lydian Nadhaswaram in a report by The Hindu.

He is indeed a king of melody and rhythm as whenever his fingers lay on the piano keys, something extremely wonderful comes out as a result! Music lies beneath his bones and chords ring with his every pulse, Lydian Nadhaswaram, at the tender age of 14 is giving some serious inspirational goals. A name which itself means a musical mode, what else can be expected from this unexceptional child Prodigy who calls himself as Lydian Nadhaswaram. Away from monopolization, the music Lydian prefers to play is in itself seems universal. The correctness of melodious tunes proves the accuracy of this young maestro who plays piano as if he is fighting with the need for speed but obviously that includes an elegant and easy presentation. The team of The Indianness wish him luck and see what adventure destiny awaits for him!    

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