Make My Trip- ‘Dil Toh Roaming Hai’

mAKE MY TRIP,indianness is India’s largest online travel company. The company provides a number of flight tickets, domestic and international holiday packages, hotel reservations, rail and bus tickets and many more exciting packages. The efforts of Deep Kalra an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus has revolutionized the whole travel industry by introducing ‘Make My Trip’. Initially started for only NRI’s from US, he spread the company here in India as well and made a huge profit. The must know story:

Deep went to St.Stephens College, Delhi in 1987 to pursue Bachelors in Economics from where he went to IIM-A for an MBA Degree. He worked with ABN Amro Bank and after that in AMF Bowling Inc. but soon he realized that this is not what he wanted to do and thus quit AMF Bowling. The idea for starting MakeMyTrip erupted while Deep Kalra found himself wondering about the endless possibilities of the internet while trying to sell his wife’s car online. And thereafter, when he was planning a vacation to Thailand he realized that internet offers more of competitive prices rather than in market. And this was when the idea of making an online travel company struck him. In 2000 he introduced Make My Trip in US to help the NRI’s to get reasonable tickets for travelling. But later in 2005, he landed in India and started the company over here as well not realizing that this initiative is going to get a major break. The company also started to focus on non-air businesses like holiday packages and hotel bookings. He suffered a lot of obstacles in introducing this new industry into the market but Deep confidently made it through. This is how Maky My Trip was able to acquire more than 200000 customers & making the headlines by hitting the highest profit level of $5 million. On 17 August 2010, MakeMyTrip Limited was listed on the NASDAQ after its initial public offering. In 2015, Make My Trip acquired MyGola, an online travel planner agency- for better services. In the same year, it invested $5 million in Bona Vita Technologies, a start-up which plans to utilize the funds to build innovative products in the travel industry. A year later Make My Trip got its funding of $180 million from a Chinese travel booking company and this is when it got its major break here in India. The same year the country’s biggest travel booking portal- ibibo group merged with Make My Trip to form a joint venture to provide better services to the customers. Soon the company merged with many other ventures including-

  • MMT overtook a Singapore based travel agency in 2011
  • Gurgaon based subsidiary company was bought in 2011
  • A Delhi based budgeted hotel based brand was taken over in 2011
  • A Thailand based ITC company was acquired in 2012
  • Online hotel operator based in Amsterdam was taken over in 2014
Deep Kalra,indianness

 Deep Kalra

Now, which was once started to provide only fair travel tickets now presents the complete guide to your most waited vacations and that too at a completely reasonable fares. Simultaneously, Naspers and Tencent, who jointly owned ibibo Group, became the single largest shareholder in MakeMyTrip. As a matter of fact, one out of every twelve flights in India was being booked through MMT. Soon the travel portal became one of the largest online travel planner company. Today more than 27.02 million people use Make My Trip and the company is worth 67.53 crores USD.

It took almost 8 years for Deep Kalra to figure out what he wanted to do and yet he ended up with such great business model. This is a true story which depicts that one is never too late to start all over. The passion and determination for a better future needs courage to take risks and stand by the commitments. Sometimes the real success awaits the most dangerous nightmares- so have an eye on your goal and that’s all you need.


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