Meet V Jayaprakash whose ecofriendly stove is doing miracles cutting air pollution

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Meet Kerala netizen V Jayaprakash, yet another man whose sparkling invention is doing wonders in cutting down air pollution. Where most of us works on things like cleaning the dank air or purifying the already polluted water, this man is not creating it on the first hand. Jayaprakash ecofriendly portable gas stove works on the technique of complete combustion and gasification. His journey from selling the innovation door to door to his entrepreneur tour- the path hasn’t been easy.

The 44 year old V Jayaprakash, from Koilandy Kerala, has followed his mother door to door selling the cook stoves. On seeing the huge amounts of emitted gas and an unburnt biomass led the youngster to think of a solution. He has seen women chocking down in kitchen while the stoves emit a large amount of suffocating gases. His first attempt was to fit a pipe inside the stove which acts like a chimney. Since he was scared at first, he experimented it outside the village who to his surprise turned to be success! The chimney innovation was a hit amongst the villagers.

Jayaprakash has always been a brilliant child who took participation in many science exhibition and has also invented a lifting pulley and a toy motor boat. He soon had to opt out of studies due to lack of financial access in the family. Despite being a daily wage worker, he was keen on improvising and creating a smokeless stove in future. Once he saw an article on a local newspaper that how the nearby hospital waste is polluting the city. Without the second thought he went to the hospital’s manager and discussed his innovation with them, the man helped him with the initial amount of Rs 20,000 to create the stove. The manager was impressed and soon they were burning the hospital waste on his stove. Though creating slightly less pollution, there were still high-raising flames near the chimney of the stove that was burning the hospital waste. This led the youngster to revise his innovation. He learned more about the process of complete combustion and gasification. He then created the two-tier system of burning that ensures both the biomass fuel and the smoke created from it are completely burnt thus creating less pollution.

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Made from stainless steel and cast iron, the chimney has little holes in it which allows easy oxygen passage which further helps in burning the biomass and a complete gas combustion. The stove gives out blue and yellow golden flames.

According to YOURSTORY, a report by Integrated Rural Technology Centre, Mundur, Kerala suggested that the combustion efficiency of Jayaprakash’s energy-efficient stove is 36.67 percent when wood is used as a fuel and 29.48 percent when coconut shell is used. Also the cost of cooking is amazingly less than the normal stove. On this stove, 40 kg of rice can be cooked in just the mere amount of Rs.75 whereas normally it would cost about Rs. 4,000. Now this is ecofriendly and at the same time cost effective technology. The stove cost ranges from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 15,000 varying according to the size. He now not only in household but has installed the stove in various schools, offices and marriage halls. The invention also led him won the energy conservation award from Energy Management Center Kerala in 1998 and National Innovation Award in 2012.

Today he runs his own factory where he has given employment to almost 6-7 families of the area. This way he is providing livelihoods to many people around him. According to Jayaprakash, he is confident that one day he’ll get the complete blue flames stove. And we couldn’t agree anymore.    


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